Saturday 12 June 2021

NARCISSUS & ECHO – start 21:00 [PUBLIEK]

Pay attention! You must bring your own wired headphones/earphones for this event.

Experience a unique ‘live’ VR act now that PAARD can open again! In this groundbreaking interactive performance, you step into the mythical world of Narcissus and Echo in PAARD. They are imprisoned together with the public in a VR mirror palace. Discover hidden perspectives and be surprised by an interplay of dance, storytelling, music and digital art. Experience the thrill of being both a spectator and a protagonist. And… what it’s like to experience PAARD in a unique way in VR.

Interactive experience with special VR glasses. Duration: about 20 minutes.
Q&A with the makers afterwards. Duration: about a quarter of an hour.
The total experience from reception to departure lasts a maximum of one hour.

This is the show from 21:00, click here for the show from 19:30

  • € 15,00
  • Grote zaal met zitplaatsen
  • 20:30
  • 21:00

*incl € 2,50 servicefee

What happens when we lose ourselves in another, in unrequited love? And what happens to our reality if we are only concerned with ourselves and our own image? What does this ancient myth tell us about the world of Zoom, Tinder and Instagram?

With a very diverse team, coming from dance, design, and technology, the makers used the lockdown to create a completely new experience. Developed to experience small group stages during the highly anticipated reopening of stages. At a time when we’ve all had to isolate ourselves, crave contact, and live through screens, they wondered: what exactly is contact? How do you make contact? And what would happen if we could see all this through the eyes of the other?