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  • Pilots Rapid Testing in the Culture sector

    Q: Pilots, what is the plan?


    • So-called pilots will take place in the culture sector between 9 and 30 April to gain experience with (rapid) test infrastructure.
    • Rapid tests can become an important tool to restart social life as long as vaccination coverage is not yet sufficient.
    • With these pilots, the government will investigate the willingness, manageability and feasibility of rapid testing.
    • This concerns a limited number of concerts and performances, and visits to monuments and museums. Visitors with a ticket must provide a negative test certificate to enter.
    • The Corona branch protocol will be maintained (for the time being), including the 1.5 meters.


    Q: Who are participating?

    A: The “calendar” was announced by the government today (April 6, 2021). It concerns dozens of cultural institutions in different cultural sectors

    • Monuments (approximately 30, from April 9 to 11),
    • Theatres and concert stages (approximately 30, from 13 to 21 April)
    • Museums and visual arts institutions (around 15, from 19 to 25 April)
    • Music stages (approximately 30, from 22 to 30 April). Participating music venues: From Muziekgieterij in Maastricht to Vera in Groningen, From De Spot in Middelburg to Grenswerk in Venlo. From 013 in Tilburg to Paradiso and the Melkweg in Amsterdam. See for the full list: <this link will follow>


    Q: What can the visitor expect?


    • Concerts, theatre performances, museum and monument visit.
    • Spread across the country, in all provinces.
    • The 1.5 meters and safety measures remain in effect.
    • Concert- and performance-related catering is open (think of bars for example).


    Q: As a participating music stage, what do you think of the idea of ​​rapid tests and test certificates?

    A +: As long as it is not possible to open up via the road map (because we are still at risk level serious / very serious for the time being), a visit with test certificates is the only way to reopen, receive visitors and show the work of artists and performers (and thus also to issue assignments).

    A +: Hopefully application rapid testing can (in the long term) also ensure that we can release the 1.5 meters earlier. To be able to do well, the test logistics must be tested beforehand.

    A -: Rapid testing should not become an additional requirement for reopening at lower risk levels. At that time we want to be completely open as a sector, for which cultural locations are safe with meticulous protocols and enforcement.


    Q: What about vaccination coverage and access?

    A: So the whole April test exercise is seen as a means of opening up as long as vaccination coverage is not yet sufficient. So it is temporary. This also begs the question of when the vaccination coverage is sufficient. Which could imply that rapid testing is no longer necessary afterwards. This is complex.

    In the Q&A about the CoronaCeck app it states: “In the future, access to certain social, cultural or sports locations will require a negative test result. Consider, for example, a visit to the museum, a festival or a football match. ”Nothing is said here about vaccination (degree) or about temporality.

    That may raise the additional question:


    Q: Can a vaccinated person also participate in the pilot?

    A: Yes you can, but in the month of April during these “pilots” they must still be able to show a negative rapid test result.


    Q: What does a visit look like?

    A: The visitor journey is as follows:

    • Visitor buys ticket
    • The visitor is tested within 40 hours before the start (after a maximum of one hour result via email)
    • The visitor puts the test result in the Corona Check app (digital test certificate)
    • At the entrance: ticket and test certificate are shown (registered via the check app, also possible on paper)
    • There is on-site research in the form of questionnaires, but no PCR test afterwards
    • See the following link for a full description:


    Q: What is the role of the Stichting Open Nederland (translated: Open Netherlands Foundation)?

    A: The Open Netherlands Foundation has been instructed by ministries to organize the testing process.


    Q: What about those test streets?


    • Separate test lanes have been set up, so there will not be any extra pressure on the GGD test lanes.
    • Self-testing is currently also occurring, but these cannot function as tickets for the pilots.
    • See the appendix for the test locations.


    Q: What is the difference with Fieldlab Events?


    • The Fieldlab Events is another “track”. The Fieldlab Events tests are (large-scale) test events, with the aim of making validated statements about organizing events as safely as possible.
    • These “pilots” are a first step towards reopening. With the application of test certificates, social and cultural life can be started.
    • A much lighter research protocol is used than at Fieldlab Events.
    • The results of the Fieldlab Events test events will be used in the pilots and their upscaling.


    Q: What will happen after April?


    • This is a first step towards reopening, but still on a small scale and “pilot”.
    • In May, large-scale rapid test capacity will hopefully be available.
    • A statutory regulation to be able to apply rapid tests is in preparation.
    • In the course of May, if things go according to plan, the rapid tests will become more widely available. The government is aiming for approximately 400,000 rapid tests per day by the end of May.


    Q: Who has to pay the bill and what does the VNPF think about it?


    • The infrastructure and the tests are currently (still) paid for by the government.
    • It is being investigated whether the profit principle can be applied: in that case the bill will therefore be transferred to the user.
    • For some sectors, such as sometimes “ours” (with low entrance tickets), the profit principle can have a strong negative effect on the accessibility of the visit because a few euros already make up a large percentage of the ticket price. We keep a close eye on this.
    • For most of the culture sector, the main priority now is to reopen. This will make art and culture available again, which means that work can again be offered to artists and freelancers.


    Q: What about that Roadmap?


    • The government’s current roadmap offers little perspective. As long as contamination levels remain at the starting point, the culture sector will be closed. We think it is more realistic that the pressure on health care and vaccination coverage should be taken as a guide for reopening.
    • The current roadmap still assumes discouragingly small absolute visitor numbers for cultural institutions, with the exception of “flow-through locations” such as museums, even at low risk levels.
    • We argue in favour of standardizing the visiting capacity for these locations on square meters per building and per room. Such a double lock, with all security measures that these cultural locations observe, guarantees safe visits and a gradual increase in visiting capacity per risk level.
    • Concert halls, theatres, festivals, music venues, monuments and museums are closed. Even though research shows that the sector is safe due to meticulous protocols and strict enforcement.

    Block programming, walking routes, room layout, ventilation, time slots, adapted sanitary facilities: everything has been done to make a visit safe.

    The audience yearns for inspiration, inspiration and diversion.

    Artists and freelancers in the cultural sector are above their lips: no work, no income, no prospects.


    Q: How did the selection of these locations come about?


    • The selection of the pilots took into account, among other things, regional spread, sectoral spread, needs of the sector, proximity to a test location and a distinction between large and small organizations.
    • The calendar has been drawn up in close consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the safety regions and sector and umbrella organizations.
    • The consultation with the sector and umbrella organizations is contained in the request / call that the sector associations have made among our members to register if they are interested in participating.


    Q: Why is the 1.5 meter still being maintained, while everyone who is admitted has tested negative?


    • This is “no more than” an admittedly essential pilot to test the test infrastructure, in this phase the government puts safety first.
    • Hopefully the 1.5 meters can be released at a later stage with test certificates.


    Q: What about that Roadmap # 2?


    • Previously the answer was: “We think (here you can also read:” The Taskforce thinks… ”) it is more realistic that the pressure on health care and / or the vaccination coverage are taken as a guideline for reopening.” –
    • Further explanation of this: contamination levels are now leading in the Roadmap, they are currently and unfortunately still quite high. The expectation is that this will remain on for a while, because especially many younger people will become infected when measures are relaxed. However, this group is less ill, so the pressure on health care does not increase proportionately. Hence this call to use an alternative criteria for scaling down.


    Q: When is the pilot a success according to the Taskforce and the participating sub-sectors?

    A: This pilot is successful when it has become clear what the test readiness of different audiences is; what the stumbling blocks of test logistics are; as well as how these obstacles can be easily overcome so that the industry is one step closer to reopening.

  • Information about livestream

    PAARD offers a combination of free and paid live streams. Below you can find how to buy tickets and how to turn on the live stream.

    Signing up for watching a free live stream
    On the right side of the event on the PAARD website you can sign up for the live stream. You will receive a reminder a couple of hours before the event. We will also place the link on the website. To start the live stream you only have to click this link.

    Buying live stream tickets
    Tickets for the live stream can be bought by clicking the ticket button on the event page on the PAARD website. After you have chosen a ticket, you will reveive a 4-digit code on your phone. We recommend to turn off any ad blockers and to accept cookies in order to get through all the pages without problem.

    In order to start the live stream, you have to log in on with your phone number. (Note: you will receive a verification code on your phone, so make sure it’s within reach). Choose the live stream concert by clicking on it. In the green area you click on ‘Watch stream’. This can be done 15 minutes ahead of the start of the concert.
    – Note: you can only be logged in on 1 device at a time. If you log in on a different device, you will be logged out automatically from previous devices.
    – If you cannot figure it out, you can contact Guts before and during the live stream.

    You can open your ticket with your phone/computer/tablet by logging in.
    If you want to watch the live stream on your TV, you van cast the concert. The way you can do this will differ with each device and you will have to do this yourself. Here are a few tips:

    – Android: Casting from the screen of your Android device can be done easily with the Google Home app and Chromecast. (Click here for more information)
    – IOS: Airplay from the screen of your iOS device can be done easily with Apple TV or with a smart TV that is AirPlay compatible (Click here for more information)
    – You can also connect you laptop to the television with a cable, and put the live stream on full screen.

    Chrome casting
    Casting your Chrome browser is easy. Go to the menu in your Chrome Browser. You can do this by clicking the 3 dots on the top right in your browser. (Sometimes this can be a different symbol, if you can update for example).
    Choose ‘Cast’:


    Sound with a live stream
    It could be possible that the live stream is muted. This means that the sound is turned off. You can turn on the sound by tapping (mobile/tablet) or clicking (computer) the live stream video and clicking the mute symbol:


    If the live stream is lagging this might not be due to a bad internet conncetion but due to the connection between different devices that are being used.
    If possible, we recommend using a laptop/computer for the stream and, if so desired, connecting it to your TV with a HDMI cable.

    It might help to lower the resolution. In the bottom right of the stream you will see a cog-wheel. Click on it to change the resolution.
    It might be that the organisation has turned off the possibility to change the resolution. You will then see no cog-wheel.


  • How does the 18+ alcohol legislation work?

    18+ alcohol legislation
    PAARD is required to enforce national alcohol legislation. This means that alcohol and carrying of alcohol is prohibited for visitors under the age of 18.

    We apply the following rules to an alcohol risk program:
    – To be allowed to order alcohol at the bar, wristbands are used: no alcohol without a wristband. At the entrance everyone’s proof of identity is checked to determine whether or not you receive a wristband.
    – If we have doubts about your age and you do not have proof of identity with you: No wristband.
    – Even once you are inside, you can be asked for your proof of identification in case of doubt.
    – Alcohol is only served at the foyer bar, the bar in the room is alcohol-free.

    When deviating from these rules you must take the following into account:
    – You will be denied access to PAARD in the event of misuse of identification. The proof of identity is taken and can only be collected by the rightful owner.
    – In case of improper use of a wristband (for example, putting on a found wristband) immediate expulsion follows.
    – If a wristband is found to be passed on to a minor there is immediate expulsion for both: for the minor who received the wristband and for the person who gave it to them.
    – Upon to be found passing on alcohol to a minor immediate expulsion follows for both: for the minor who accepts the drink and for the person who handed over the drink.
    – In the event of removal or refusal of access for the above or related reasons no entrance fee will be returned.

    The above measures sound strict and unfortunately they are. National legislation is inexorable and we, as PAARD, must adhere to it.

  • Photography or handing out flyers in PAARD. Is that allowed?

    It is not allowed to photograph, make video and/or sound recordings * in PAARD with professional recording equipment without prior permission from us and/or artist. It is also prohibited to to carry out promotional activities, such as handing out flyers or pasting of posters, without prior permission from PAARD.

    If you would like to photograph with a professional camera (for a website or other medium) please contact us via [email protected] Would you like to know more about doing promotional activities? Send an e-mail to [email protected]

    * When creating visual material the maker is responsible for compliance with the AVG regulations (General Data Protection Regulations). These contain restrictions on the identifiable visualization of people and the publication of these materials.

  • Besides the official Paard website and box office, where else can I purchase Paard tickets?

    Don’t waste your money on counterfeit or black market tickets! There is only a limited number of ticket sellers with which we cooperate to sell our tickets. If you decide to purchase a ticket from a seller that has not been officially approved by Paard, you may risk your access being denied to the event, despite having bought a ticket!

    The following ticket sellers have been officially approved by Paard:

    • King Cool Hostel, Prinsegracht 51, The Hague; open daily from 8:00 AM- 10:00 PM
    • VVV Uitburo The Hague, Spui 68, The Hague; open on Mondays from 12:00 PM – 8 PM, Tuesdays through Fridays from 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Saturdays from 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM and on Sundays and holidays from 10:00 – 5:00 PM.
    • Velvet Delft
  • Are events at Paard accessible to attendees who have special needs?

    Paard offers a wide array of facilities to be able to welcome everyone who enjoys attending our events, which naturally includes people who have a disability. Our main hall, foyer, wardobe, lavatories and both of our concert halls are wheelchair-accessible and elevators are present as well. Please contact us  if would like to attend an event at Paard and you are wheelchair-bound or if you have other special needs you need us to cater to. You can send us an email at [email protected] if you have any questions or requests.

    Please take notice that you must contact our reception as soon as you purchased a ticket (at least 48 hours in advance) to an event. You can reach the reception from Monday-Friday, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM by phone on 070-750 34 34.

    If an event is in high demand, we strongly suggest you to contact our reception as soon as possible, so we can guarantee you a safe spot with a good view and so that we can accompany you to the event in a timely fashion. You can check the event’s page for its estimated doors open and starting times.


  • Are there any ways I could purchase discounted tickets?

    Early Bird

    After an event’s presale has started, a limited number of Early Bird tickets may be sold for €5,- cheaper than the original price. They will only be offered for a week, or until they are out of stock. These tickets will not be sold for every event, so be sure to check carefully; once they have sold out, regular prices will apply.

    If you would like to know more about Early Bird tickets, we have a separate question in our FAQ dedicated to them.


    CJP-Pass Discount

    Do you own a CJP-pass? Then you could receive  €2,50 discount on tickets. All you need to do is to choose ‘yes’ for this option in your account menu and then you can fill in your pass information.


    Student Pass

    Are you currently a college/university student and do you own a student pass? Then you could also receive  €2,50 discount on tickets, but only if you purchase them through our box office. Student pass discount is not an option you can select when purchasing tickets through our website. When going to our box office, you should bring a valid ID with your student pass as well, so that you can prove you really are a student.



    If a show is no-risk, it should be mentioned clearly in its event page’s discription. The bottom line of this concept is that if you don’t like the event you are attending, you can ask for a reuimbursement. If you attend an event and within the first 15 minutes you decide that you dislike it, you can return to our box office and request you get your money back.

    No-risk events are performed by artists that Paard thinks are worth seeing live. We guarantee you that they are amazing, but this system guarantees that you can purchase a ticket care-free!


    We Are Public

    Do you own a We Are Public (WAP) pass? Then you probably already know how you can benefit from it; you can visit if you want more information. If an event has a WAP-label mentioned on its page, then pass holders are eligible to receiving their privileges.



  • What can I do when I have lost something at Paard?

    If you have lost something when attending an event at Paard, you can send us an email at [email protected] Please state in your email what you have lost and when you have lost it.

    If you have lost something when attending an event at Paardcafé, you can send us an email at [email protected] Please state in your email what you have lost and when you have lost it.


  • What can I do when an event has been cancelled or rescheduled?

    The government has taken a number of measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus as much as possible. One of these measures is a ban on events, festivals and concerts throughout the Netherlands until 1 June.

    Concerts, festivals or events scheduled in PAARD from mid-March will be moved as much as possible. Tickets for rescheduled concerts, festivals or events remain valid for the new date. You will receive more information by e-mail about the possibility if you cannot go on the new date. These are exceptional times for everyone. We try to cope with this crisis as well as possible, so that we can all enjoy beautiful live music again as we are used to. We hope for your understanding and ask you to give us some time to get things done.

    We would like to inform you about the credit scheme: Save your ticket, enjoy later.

    The financial impact of the Corona measures also has a huge impact on the cultural sector. That is why, in consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Authority for Consumers & Markets, an arrangement has been drawn up that offers solutions in this exceptional situation. In the spirit of ‘Save your ticket, enjoy later’, we ask visitors to keep their ticket(s) and enjoy the concert on its’ rescheduled date, or to convert the tickets into a digital voucher and come back later to PAARD to enjoy another concert.

    If you do not want to use the option for the digital voucher, you can request a refund. If you want a refund of your ticket (s), then fill in this form> Request refund tickets
    In consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the scheme ‘Ticket fees for the Corona crisis in culture and sports events‘ has been drawn up for the repayment term. In the event of a relocation, the payment term is no later than 1 month after the new date of the relocated event. In case of cancellation, this is no later than 3 months after the date of the canceled event. Please note: the refund is different from what you are normally used to with a move, because this is an exceptional situation. Read the complete scheme here.

    If you want to help PAARD and convert your tickets into a credit, you will receive more information on this shortly true E-mail. You can also read more about the credit on the website of the National Government or on

    If you have any questions about this, it is best to email to [email protected]

  • Will I be able to pay with my debit card or will I be able to use an ATM at Paard?

    You can both use cash or your debit card to pay at our bar and at our box office. There is no ATM machine available at Paard.

    Both our lockers and our smartphone chargers require €1,- coins for usage.


  • What are Early Bird tickets and how can I purchase them?

    Paard uses a nationally preset ‘early bird’-discount: if you decide to purchase your concert ticket a long time before the event will take place, you can save €5,-.

    For the majority of our concerts and dance parties, a limited number of Early Bird tickets will be sold during the first week after the announcement has been placed on our official website. If they are available for a certain show, purchasing an Early Bird ticket will take €5,- off of any original price.

    Why does Paard sell Early Bird tickets?

    We simply want to reward live music aficionados who prefer purchasing their tickets a long time before the actual event takes place; offering Early Bird tickets is also a way for us to give concertgoers with a lower budget a chance to save some extra money on tickets.

    How do I know whether there are Early Bird tickets available for a certain event?

    If you go to your event of choice’s page on our official web page, it will be clearly stated whether Early Bird tickets are (still) available. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will be the first to be notified about presales, Early Bird discounts and other exclusive offers.

    How can I purchase Early Bird tickets?

    Purchasing an Early Bird ticket is no different from purchasing a regular ticket, only you will have to be there on time! There will be a limited number of these cheaper tickets available during the first week after the event’s official announcement. To be able to take advantage of this discount, you will only need to be, well… an early bird. You can purchase Early Bird tickets through either our official website or through our box office, whereas Ticketservice andTicketmaster do not offer any Early Bird discounts.

    Please take notice that Early Bird tickets for popular events may sell out rather quickly.

    What are the specific terms and conditions that apply to purchasing Early Bird tickets?

    • Early Bird tickets may be available for most, but certainly not all concerts and dance parties.
    • Early Bird presale will take place during the first week after the event has been officially announced, unless the Early Bird tickets have sold out. There is only a limited number of Early Bird tickets available and when they have sold out, general prices will automaticaly apply.
    • For both Early Bird tickets and general tickets, the same general terms and conditions apply.
    • Early Bird discount is not valid in combination with other discounts.
    • Service fees have been excluded from the prices as mentioned on our official website.
  • Service Fee

    If you purchase a ticket for an event at Paard, €2,50 service fee is already included. If a ticket costs €6,- or less, additional service fees not be charged. The reason that we charge service fee, is because of the additional money that Paard is charged due to bank transactions and our ticket sales-system.


  • Are there any seats available at events at Paard?

    Nearly all events at Paard are standing-only.

    However, a few shows are sit-down events (seated), or you can choose whether you are more comfortable standing or sitting down (semi-seated). Events can be organized this way due to the performer(s)’(s) request, or due to the nature of an event.

    Semi-seated events offer a limited number of seats, besides room to stand; seated events offer seats to all attendees and they are usually first come, first served when it comes to placement choice.

    If a show is (semi-)seated, this will be mentioned on the event’s page on our official website.

  • How old must I be to be allowed to attend events at Paard?

    There are some rules regarding the legal age for event attendance at Paard.

    Concert attendees must at least be 16 years of age on the date of attendance; however, attendees younger than 16 are welcome when accompanied by an adult (18+).

    After Hours & Clubevents
    To be allowed to attend an event that is held after 11:00 PM, one must be at least 18 years of age, unless the event’s page on our official website states otherwise.

  • Will I be able to check my coat at PAARD?

    There are both a cloakroom and a limited number of lockers available for event attendees. Cloakroom usage costs €1,- per checked item and locker usage has the same price. Lavatory usage is free, but leaving a small tip would be very much appreciated.

    If you choose to use our wardrobe and/or lockers, you automatically consent to Article 8, as stated in our Terms & conditions.

  • What if I have not received a confirmation email or if I have lost it?

    After purchasing at the website, an e-ticket will be sent to your email address. If you can not find this ticket in the mail, you can find it again via your own account on the Paard website.

    Follow the following steps:
    – Click to log in on
    – After logging in you will see “account” at the top and you will see the screen where you can view and change your personal data.
    – Click on “go to order history”. All purchased cards are listed here. Behind the cards of the program that still has to take place is “send confirmation email”. By clicking on this you can resend the cards yourself.

    If you do not receive the tickets (and do not receive them in the junk mail box), it may be useful to enter a different e-mail address at ‘account’ if there is one.

    If it still doesn’t work, you can contact Paard (070-7503434), then we can possibly resend the tickets. Please note, our office can only be reached on weekdays between 12 a.m. and 5 p.m.
    Should it prove at the last minute that it is not working and is the office closed? Then take your proof of identity with you when you visit Paard and register at the box office. The cashier can find your tickets in the system. The condition is that the tickets are in your name.

    Please note: the above only applies to e-tickets purchased at!

  • How can I purchase a ticket?


    You can purchase concert tickets to our events from our official website 24/7.

    How do I purchase tickets online?

    First, go to the page of the event of your choice, where you can click on a green button with the word ‘tickets’ on it. At this point, you must register or log in with your personal Paard-account; this will only take a minute, but you may want to create an account in advance if you think the event will sell out quickly. As soon as you’ve clicked the green button and Paard approves access to your user account, you can continue your online purchase. Then you can continue by choosing your preferred method of payment. All payments can be fulfilled by using iDeal, MasterCard or Visa. Note: from abroad you can only pay with Credit Card or Paypal. iDeal only works in The Netherlands.

    If the purchase has been successful, you should expect a confirmation email from Paard to pop up in your inbox any second now. This confirmation email contains your e-ticket, which you can print at home and take with you to the event. You can also leave the e-ticket on your smartphone, so our security guards will be able to scan it from there. Be sure to carefully archive this email; it will grant you access to the event.

    What if you have not received a confirmation email?

    Your confirmation email may end up in your spam box; regardless of what email provider you are using, please check this first, as this is quite common and completely harmless. You will still be able to open your confirmation email from there. It could also be helpful to go to your account and to change your email address. If you are not checking your current email address quite often, or you are experiencing problems with it, this may be helpful. If you have done so, you can return to your account, look into your ordering history and request another confirmation email to be sent to your newly submitted email address.

    Can you not find the email in neither your regular inbox, nor your spam? Then please contact [email protected] or call us at: 070 750 34 34. Our receptionists will be glad to be of further assistance. You can contact us exclusively on Monday – Friday, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM. If you wish to pick up your tickets outside of our office hours, you could try retrieving them at our box office, on the condition that you bring a valid ID with you and that the tickets have been purchased on your name.

    Please take notice that this given information only counts for tickets that have been purchased through our official website! If you have bought tickets through another seller, we may not be able to help you. Please do also take notice that you must bring a valid ID to any event you are attending, or else our security will reserve the right to refuse your entrance. The maximum amount of tickets you can purchase per event, per account, is 4; this is to prevent black-market resales.

  • What can I do if I am unable to attend an event I have bought tickets for?

    If you are unable to attend an event you have bought tickets for, we can unfortunately not compensate you in any way. You may not return your tickets; there will be no exceptions. It is legally impossible to invoke your revocation right, because concert tickets have not been included within the withdrawal laws. You can resell your unwanted concert tickets safely on