You can buy your tickets at
You can order your tickets to any events held at and by Paard online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, right from the comfy chair behind your computer. Tickets are also available for purchase at our box office until the night of the event.

How to purchase a ticket from our website
First, go to the page of the event of your choice, where you can click on a green button with the word ‘buy tickets’ on it. At this point, you must register or log in with your personal Paard-account; this will only take a minute, but you may want to create an account in advance if you think the event will sell out quickly. As soon as you have clicked the green button and Paard approves access to your user account, you can continue your online purchase. Then you can continue by choosing your preferred method of payment. All payments can be fulfilled by using iDeal, MasterCard or Visa*. If the purchase has been successful, you should expect a confirmation email from Paard to pop up in your inbox any second now.

*When you buy tickets outside of The Netherlands, you can only purchase the ticket(s) with Credit Card or Paypal.

The confirmation email includes your e-ticket
An e-ticket has been included with the confirmation email and you are supposed to print them or show the barcode on your smartphone and take it with you to the event to which it will grant you access. Notice that all e-tickets have got a unique bar code on them, so that security will be able to validate it through a scanner. Do not share any pictures of this bar code or physically duplicate your e-ticket, or you may risk being denied access to the event. You do not need to exchange your e-ticket for a physical ‘real’ ticket at the box office, because e-tickets provide valid access to the event of your choice. Physical (paper) tickets can be purchased at the box office.

What to do if you did not receive a confirmation email
It is possible that the confirmation email would be marked as spam. This happens quite often and does not cause any trouble; just open your spam box and if you can find it there, your problem has been solved. If you cannot find them in your e-mail inbox, you can also open your paard account and you can download them from your order history. Here you can find a step-by-step approach on how to find them in your account:

– Go to

– Log in with your account details and click on “Go to order history”. Here you can find a collection of all your purchased tickets from Paard. Next to the tickets of the shows that are scheduled, you can find a button that says “send confirmation e-mail”. When you click on this button, you have sent the tickets to the registered e-mail address of your Paard account.

If you followed the steps above and you did not receive the tickets and you didn’t receive them in your spam folder either, you can consider to go to “My Account” and change your e-mail address. This way you can try to send them to one of your other e-mail addresses.

If this is not possible, and you still have issues finding your confirmation email, please contact us on +(00)31707503434. We might be able to send you the tickets manually.

Please note: Our office is only available for calls during office hours on weekdays between 12:00 and 17:00. If you are not able to find your ticket last-minute and our office is closed?

You can come visit Paard take your photo ID and go to the box office, our colleagues will help you find your tickets in the system. On the condition the ticket(s) ordered, is registered on your name.

This only counts for e-ticket(s) ordered through

Please take notice that you can only purchase a maximum of 4 e-tickets per event. This measure has been taken to discourage ticket scalpers from buying as many tickets for a sought-after event as possible, to resell them at ridiculous and unfair prices. We made this rule because we care about you.

Ticket reservation
At concert halls and venues like Paard it is not possible to reserve tickets.

Would you like to get a discount? Cheaper through!
Although we couldn’t possibly make buying tickets any easier, we can do you a favor and make it a little bit cheaper. If you decide to purchase your ticket at our official website, you only pay €2,50 service charge, compared to the €4,50 than most other ticket sellers require for Paard-tickets.

Getting your money back due to show cancellation
If a show gets cancelled, you can get your money (excluding service costs) for the purchased ticket back. This, on the condition that the ticket is purchased through our Paard website or at one of our official ticket distributors. 

If you bought physical tickets at the venue itself, you can return the ticket at the box office at Paard (send an e-mail to [email protected]). Tickets bought at one of our ticketing partners/distributors you can also come to the boxoffice at Paard or send an e-mail with the information and the ticket PDF to [email protected]

The box office is only open during (paid) concerts/shows in Paard.

Are you not able to make it to the concert?

When you are not able to make it to a concert, for which you have purchased a ticket. We will not take purchased ticket(s) back nor do we do refunds. There are no exceptions to this rule. Concert tickets fall withtin the exceptions of the right of withdrawal of consumers. A trustworthy website for re-selling your ticket(s) is