House Rules

The following house rules apply at Paard: please respect them. If you violate any of our house rules, you may risk reprimands and serious violations will be reported to the police. The management of Paard also has the right to deny access to perpetrators without refunding their tickets. The general terms and conditions of VNPF do also apply. You can find the English version here: Terms & Conditions.

Temporary changes to the house rules due to corona measures
– In addition to your regular Paard ticket, you need a corona admission that you have to show the QR-code in the CoronaCheckApp or make a printout. Look here for more information about what counts as a valid Corona admission ticket. Please note: a separate vaccination certificate, the yellow vacination booklet or separate test result does not apply. You really need to generate a QR code in the CoronaCheckApp.
– If you have health problems (colds or flu) we ask you to stay at home.
– Please disinfect your hands on arrival and wash your hands thoroughly after every toilet visit.
– Always follow the instructions of the staff. If you have any questions about the signage or if there are any ambiguities, please let us know (on the evening itself or send an email to [email protected]). Staff can be recognized by the PAARD CREW badge
– Payment is not possible in cash and only via Pin.
– The rules can change over time.
– These rules arise from the Protocol reopening pop, improvisation and jazz stages of the trade association VNPF. The current protocol is published here:


  1. Attendees younger than 16 years of age can only gain access to a concert when accompanied by an adult (unless otherwise stated). At afternoon concerts, visistors can bring children up to 4 years old for free.From 11:00 PM, all events are part of our nocturnal program, which requires attendees to be at least 18 years old and does not allow any access to minors.
  2. Paard does not serve any alcoholic beverages to minors (<18) who have not yet reached the Dutch legal drinking age (18+). When you are observed or even suspected of getting involved in or enabling others to illegal alcohol consumption, you and your attendance party will face immediate denial of further access to the event. No exceptions will be made.
  3. It is required to show a valid ID when the staff requests you to do so, hence bringing yours is mandatory. The staff has the right to deny you access to any event if you do not bring a valid ID.
  4. Security cameras have been installed at various locations throughout the venue. By attending any event at Paard, you automatically consent to being recorded. In case of emergency or in certain cases of violation of the house rules, these recordings may be shared with third parties.
  5. Buying or selling marihuana (‘soft’ drugs) and hard drugs is strictly prohibited within Paard, as is the use of hard drugs.
  6. It is strictly prohibited to carry or use any weapons or to bring otherwise dangerous items into the venue that can be used as such.
  7. It is also strictly prohibited to trade regular goods or to handle stolen goods at Paard.
  8. The management reserves the right to the assumption of association with criminal organizations and has the right to deny access to the venue to anyone involved.
  9. There will always be the possibility of police controls being held at any random event. Please show respect, cooperate and do not resist. Police controls are held to protect the attendees from criminal activity and to keep the venue and its employees and attendees safe.
  10. Paard has a zero-tolerance policy against racist, sexist or otherwise discriminatory or abusive remarks, harassment, vandalism and violence.
  11. Public alcohol or drug intoxication will not be tolerated. Intoxicated attendees may be removed from the event by security.
  12. You may not bring your own consumptions into the venue.
  13. You are forbidden to take any property of Paard with you outside of the venue, including leftovers of food or beverages.
  14. Recording any video or audio material or taking pictures during live events is strictly prohibited, as are any promotional activities for which official permission has not been given beforehand.
  15. Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking area, which can be found in the foyer, on your left hand by the bar. Smoking outside of the designated area is strictly prohibited and perpetrators may face immediate eviction from the venue and possibly, access to the venue will be denied on a temporal basis. Offenders will have to pay a fine to Paard.
  16. Stagediving and crowd surfing are very dangerous and therefore strictly forbidden at Paard.
  17. Any complaints must be filed in an email to [email protected] within the maximum of two days after the event. Past this deadline, your complaint will not be taken into consideration anymore.
  18. Instructions from the staff must be followed for the sake of your own and other attendees’ safety.
  19. Please park your vehicle or bicycle in the designated parking areas. If you choose not to, you may risk your vehicle (or bicycle) being removed and possibly confiscated.
  20. Usage of our wardrobe is at your own risk. Damage to or loss of deposited items will not be reimbursed, unless you can prove it was caused by the negligence of an employee of Paard. If you lose your wardrobe receipt, we cannot give you your deposited items back. If you lose the key to your locker, you can buy a new one at the price of €12,50.
  21. Paard has joined the Covenant Preventing Hearing Damage from the Music Industry, or VNPF, and adheres to the association’s standards. Please be sure to protect your hearing; ear plugs can also be purchased directly from us. The vending machines are located on the ground floor, near the restrooms. Basic earplugs are on sale for only €2,- and the more advanced ones cost €10,-.
  22. Lavatories are for individual use and for intended purposes only.
  23. You are not allowed to bring any pets to Paard.
  24. After entering the building, you are not allowed to exit and reenter.

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