Friends Club

Do you like PAARD and want to support us? Do you want to be the first to hear all the news? Do you want to give your opinion about the way of working at PAARD? Do you hate queues? Do you like getting discount? Or do you simply look for a new musical friend? Let’s become friends! Log in and subscribe!

PAARD is a second home for a lot of musicfreaks living in The Hague. We often do see the same faces and think that’s great, cause you are the people who keep live music alive! PAARD is depending on your opinion, support and presence for over 45 years. This means a lot to us.

Let’s become friends
By becoming Friend of PAARD you support us a lot and help us develop. And we can give you something in return:

First of al you will recieve an original VRIEND-shirt. Only meant for friends and a great conversation-starter at all occations. Wear it with pride, like we all do!

Don’t wait in line with the Quickline
You will recieve a personal Friends-card. This card gives you a priority-entrance during the bussier nights. You don’t have to wait in the cold line anymore. Friends of PAARD just walk to the front and use the Quickline: VIP all the way!

Special Friend-discount
To almost every PAARD-concert, there is a special Friendsticket. A ticket that gives you € 2,50 of discount on the regular price when you buy your tickets online at

Always your ticket with you
You don’t need to print your ticket anymore. After you buy the ticket to the concert it will automaticly be loaded on to your Friends-card. Just bring your card with you, easy peasy.

News & Feedback
On the exclusive Friends-page on, obviously only accessible to friends, you’ll find special content. On this page we will start the conversation and listen to what you think we should change and what we should keep doing. You know us and therefore your opinion is really valuable to us.

Backstage Tour
Twice a year you can enroll yourself to the backstage tour. A special tour to the places where usually only the artists will come.

Free HEROES catalogue
In anticipation of our 50 years of excistance, PAARD rewrites the pophistory with: PAARD HEROES! Till 2022 we select 50 iconic artists who we will label a ‘Heroe’. Artists who play a special role in the musical history, or in some other way have made a difference. As a friend you will recieve the HEROES catalogue: a growing collection of stories about those artists.

Invitations to the opening of the cultural year
You will be invited to the grand opening of the cultural year in September. Come have a talk and a drink with us.

Membership and what we do with it. 
The membershipcosts wil be €50 a year. This won’t be money we use to have a nice vacation. No, we will invest every penny of it in a better PAARD. Things a PAARD-friend likes!

Let’s become friends! Log in to your account and fill in the form.



Read the PAARD-Friend terms of agreement