Privacy statement

This Privacy Statement describes how Stichting ‘t Paard van Troje (henceforth ‘Paard’) handles personal information of the visitors of its website:

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Paard collects and registers personal data of visitors. However, we try to only register the data necessary to provide you good service. By service we mean:
– that we want to be able to provide information on events at Paard;
– the possibility to buy tickets here on via your account;
– that we want to offer you music suggestions that you may find interesting.

In addition, we collect information through Google Analytics on how visitors use our website. This data is anonymous and cannot be traced to individuals. We use this data to continuously improve our website. We also participate in Publieksonderzoek Cultuursector 2019-2020 from the Gemeente Den Haag in collaboration with The Hague & Partners.

Paard handles your data carefully, which are handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as other applicable laws and regulations. Moreover, Paard takes appropriate security measures to protect your information against any unauthorised access to or unauthorised change/modification, publication or deletion of your personal data.

We do not provide personal information to third parties, only in a minimal form to various parties which support us in providing the services mentioned above. We have contracts with these parties (so-called Data Processing Agreements) in which we have specified what is allowed and what is prohibited, and in which a maximum privacy level is defined. These Data Processing Agreements comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In exceptional cases, Paard can share your personal data with third parties if we are legally required to do so.

By using this website, and/or by providing data to, you agree to the terms and conditions of the privacy policy of Paard, as outlined in this Privacy Statement. The Paard website uses cookies. Click here to view our Cookie Policy.

What do we collect?
If you want to buy a ticket online, we need your first and last name, and a valid email address. This is the minimum requirement for sending you an e-ticket. We also ask for your year of birth (not the complete date) and your postal code, which is valuable data for us to get a general impression of our audience (age and geographical distribution).

At checkout, we need your bank and transaction data. This information is not visible to us and will not be saved by us. This transaction data remains within the payment system that we use (Buckaroo, we have a Data Processing Agreement with this party).

Optionally, you can enter your address and contact information in your account. This has the advantage that we can keep you up to date on any event changes. Personal data is stored for a maximum period of 5 years. If you do not want this, you are always free to remove your personal data in your account on

When you visit the website, it is impossible for us to overlook your IP address – that’s just the way the internet works. During your visit (‘during the session’), this IP address, combined with Cookies, is necessary to be able to use the site. The IP address will not be saved by us afterwards.
Google Analytics will store your masked IP address (masked = not the full IP address) for a period of 26 months on Google’s servers. Since the IP address is masked it is only used for anonymised analyses and cannot be traced back to you personally.

For analysis purposes, Google Analytics stores your masked IP address (masked = not the entire IP address) on Google’s servers for a period of 26 months. Since the IP address is masked and used only for anonymized analysis, it cannot be traced back to you personally.

For the Public Survey Cultural Sector 2023-2024 conducted by the Municipality of The Hague, we only collect postcode + house number

For the sake of completeness: Paard does not have the intention to collect specific personal data (such as political preferences, religious affiliations, etc.).

Photos and videos at PAARD
We would like to inform you that during events at PAARD, and on behalf of PAARD, audio, photo, and video recordings of visitors, speakers, artists, musicians, and other participants in events are made. The PAARD house photographer takes photos of both the artists and the audience on behalf of PAARD. These photos are published on the website and used for policy plans and sometimes for promotional purposes. For photos published on, you can always request removal. You can call or email PAARD for this. There are also photographers present who work on behalf of other media and/or organizations. You can request the removal of these photos through the respective medium or organization, and of course, you can also contact PAARD for this. The audio and visual material made on behalf of PAARD is used via the Vimeo platform on and the PAARD platform called Paard.TV. The processing of the audio and visual material takes place in accordance with the privacy statement of For audio and visual material published on and/or another platform of PAARD, you can always request removal. The removal request will be honored unless there is no reasonable interest of the applicant involved in the removal or unless PAARD has obtained permission for the publication of the created audio and visual material from the parties involved. PAARD does not intend to collect data or record visitors or participants under the age of 16, unless they have permission from parents or guardians. However, PAARD cannot verify whether a visitor is older than 16. Therefore, PAARD advises parents to be involved in their children’s activities to prevent the collection or recording of (data about) children without parental consent.


Newsletter and other messages
-Paard will never send commercial e-mails without your permission.
-You will only receive our weekly General Newsletter and/or an Artist Alert if you have subscribed to this. You will therefore only receive these e-mails based on consent. When we send an Artist Alert, we take into account your ticket purchasing history. Every Newsletter or Artist Alert contains an unsubscribe link which you can use to unsubscribe from the newsletter concerned. You can also (un)subscribe via your account on
-Paard may send you a service e-mail. This message contains information on your purchased tickets, or contains relevant information about the event that you are about to attend. We are legally permitted to send this e-mail based on implementation of agreement, since you have purchased a ticket.
-After an event, Paard may send you an evaluation e-mail (‘Aftermail’), which is sent on legal basis of legitimate interest. The evaluation and processing of customer feedback regarding our services is of great importance to us, and the infringement of your privacy remains relatively small.

We would like to point out that there are photographers present during events in Paard. The Paard photographer takes pictures of both the artists and the public on behalf of Paard. These photos are published on the website and used for plans and other promotional purposes. You can always request a deletion for photos that are published. For this you can call or email to Paard. There are also Photographers present for other media and / or organizations. You can request the removal of these photos via the medium or organization itself and/OR you can contact Paard about this.

If you apply for a vacant position through our website, we will store the provided information in our portfolio for a maximum period of 1 year. Before the end of this period, Paard may contact you for permission to extend this for the same period.

Paard may use the user data for the purpose of:
• providing its services in terms of organising concerts, club nights, and other (affiliated) events (such as festivals);
• managing its customer administration;
• informing the user on promotions, concerts, club nights, and other events (such as festivals) which are (in part) organised by Paard or which are commissioned by Paard, e.g. through e-mail mailings or via mobile phone, social media or regular mail. We will never do this without your permission, only when you voluntarily enter your contact details into your account.
• … our social media networks, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: Read more about our Cookiepolicy.
• improving its services (e.g. via surveys);
• registering visitor data of (parts of) its website(s);
• conducting market research, advertisement and data analysis;
• improving (the security of) its websites. If the user no longer wishes to receive messages from Paard, he or she can unsubscribe from this service. When requesting participation in a market survey, Paard will (only) provide information of the user data that has been provided by the user for the purpose of that survey

Third-party websites
This Privacy Statement does not apply to third-party websites, such as Paard’s sponsors or other collaborating parties. For the privacy policy of these third parties, please visit the corresponding websites. Paard is not responsible in any way for the privacy policies of the websites of other parties, which may deviate from the Privacy Statement of Paard.

Changing or deleting your information
The user can always change or delete his or her data. There are three ways to do this. 1) The user can change his or her information in the ticket account on 2) The user can log in on to change or delete his or her newsletter information. 3) If you have a relationship with Paard that does not involve website usage, you can submit a written request to view your personal data, and request to change, add or delete your information (in case some information is incorrect). If you want to make use of this right you need to send us a request with a copy of your valid identification to: [email protected]. We will apply the changes within one month.

Requesting data
If we have stored your personal data, you can request this under ‘data portability’. We will send you a digital file containing the personal data we have.

Paard continues to make efforts to make sure that user data is stored securely. Only those persons for whom it is necessary or customary to fulfil their function will have access to the systems on which the user data is stored. These systems are equipped with security systems, encryptions and access codes. The personal data you provide us are stored – also in the cloud – for as long as the nature of the underlying contact requires. This depends on and differs for each of the purposes for which your personal data is required, and on what is established by law. Some data resulting from one or more visits to will be stored permanently and anonymously. This data can therefore never be traced back to a person or organisation.

Want to buy tickets or receive concert information anonymously?
If you do not want to have any of your information registered, you can use our services nevertheless: during opening hours you can buy tickets at our cash desk or at other sales points – in this case we do not register anything. The disadvantage is that we cannot keep you up to date on any possible changes of the event concerned, nor can we help you when you lose your ticket. Do you want to know what’s on at Paard without using the website? Come visit us and pick up our free monthly overview: a short overview of what is on offer for the coming weeks.

Paard reserves the right to, without prior notice, make changes to our website and/or this Privacy Statement. These changes will be published on our website. Website users are hereby encouraged to regularly review Paard’s privacy policy for any changes.

Dutch law applies to this Privacy Statement.

If you have any questions or remarks regarding this Privacy Statement, please contact:
Paard Prinsegracht 12 2512 GA The Hague