Sunday 21 May 2023


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For the huge crowd of loyal fans, the world seemed like the end of the world when The Dire Straits stopped performing in 1995….. but because of those same passionate enthusiasts, the music of the wildly popular rock formation is more alive than ever before. The call for songs from the musical universe that The Dire Straits left behind is undiminished, even among the younger generations.

‘The Dire Straits Experience’ answers that call. Dire Straits band member Chris White and six world-class musicians are among the artists performing the gems of the original repertoire. Sultans of swing, Money for nothing, Private investigations, the legend is alive!

Klinkt als Dire Straits
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The Dire Straits Experience knows how to revive the unparalleled musical class of The Dire Straits in an extremely authentic way. For example, Chris White believes that band member Terence Reis is the only one who can match the vocal and instrumental qualities of former Straits frontman Mark Knopfler. So now you understand that the bar is set high. The new formation is in any case a very strong collection of musical talent.

The members of The Dire Straits Experience have formidable musical records and have collaborated with big names such as Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner and Mike Oldfield. The Dire Straits Experience brings the music back to life from one of the most creative and unique bands in rock music.

“Dit moet je gezien hebben om te geloven. Dit moet je gevoeld hebben....deze ervaring, deze Dire Straits Experience”.

De krant van West-Vlaanderen