Friday 24 May 2019


Paard and Grote Markt are joining forces again for the Sniester Festival that will take place on 24th, 25th and 26th of May in the Pop district of The Hague. From 24 to 26 May 2019 Sniester will experience its sixth edition in the popdistrict of The Hague’s city center.

What started out as a wild plan by a group of befriended  music programmers from The Hague, has now grown into a nationally beloved discovery festival at the start of the summer. From day 1, Sniester’s goal has been to be a stage for one kind of live act: artists with an elusive energy who know how to touch their audience, in such a way that something special happens at every show. This can be names that are already established, but also undiscovered pearls of emerging talents. As long as something special happens. A festival without self-imposed restrictions and across all musical genres.

Sniester Friday timetable

  • Koop hier je vrijdagticket voor €17,50
  • Popdistrict: Paard, Grote Markt en meer
  • 16:00
  • 16:00

*incl € 2,50 servicefee

The line-up for Friday 24th of May:
Jacco Gardner’s Somnium / Weval (duo) / Binkbeats / Splendid / Blanck Mass / SONS / EUT / Portland / Karel / Tape Toy / Donna Blue / Drugdealer / Bad Nerves / Eckhardt & The House / Pig Frenzy / Temple Fang / Amy Root / Serge (SubSniester) / Antenna  (SubSniester) / KAUW / Tousch / The Yawpers / Bony Macaroni / Dr. Jordan Institute / Ava Nova / Ozma / Banana Savannah / Cordon Rouge / Blaas of Glory / TraffaMafia.

Sniester will have 13 locations for the upcoming edition in The Hague. On and around Grote Markt and popstage Paard, there will be huge arsenal of (inter)national artists who will expose their soul. These stages all have their own unique experience: De Poot, De Gekke Geit, Zetaextravaganza,September, De Zwarte Ruiter, The Grey Space, Humanity House, Paard (Grote Zaal en Kleine Zaal), Paardcafé, Rootz, Het Kantoor van Bleyenberg and Het Magazijn.

Traditionally the Sunday (26th of May 2019) is territory for Sniester Junior: a free festival day for the children where they can do as many things that they usually would not be allowed to do. The day where mischievous behavior is allowed. The program for Sniester Junior will be announced in the weeks prior to Sniester.

Sniester is growing: every single year more and more people are traveling to The Hague from outside the city borders to enjoy the world of Sniester. Specially for these attendants we are composing a combination package: a right to a spot on the Sniester Glaming ,in the middle of the festival heart, will soon be one of the perks. Starting mid April, this affordable option will be available for visitors to reserve. From a newly developed oasis of peace on the Grote Markt in The Hague, the music nirwana will soon be just one doorway away.

In October 2018, Sniester won the “Best Hague Initiative” award during the presentation of the Haagse Popprijs and, together with producer San Holo and band Niko, were among the three award winners.

“Geweldige sfeer. Verwacht het onverwachte!”

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