zaterdag 7 september 2019

Paardcafé: The Aligned (EP Release: State Of Mind) + Aschwin

Founder Benjamin Tetteroo (Pianist/Composer) and co-founder Tim van Emmerloot (Drummer/Composer) have known each other since age 4.

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They have been dear friends ever since and grew up playing and studying music together for most of their lives.
Together they founded the group, reinforced by bassist Raphael van der Schaft and singer Marin Pols.
All four of the musicians noticed there was a connection which allows them to compose and create a pleasant stage present.
Inspired by different influences, the group creates their own sound. The compositions of The Aligned are soulful pop with jazz influences.

Marin Pols – Vocal/Guitar | Award Winner, Recording Artist
Benjamin Tetteroo – Piano | Out of Reach, Band Management
Raphael van der Schaft – Bass | Graduate Conservatory Amsterdam
Tim van Emmerloot – Drums | Simio Jazz Trio, Recording Artist


Introducing ASCHWIN, artist, singer and songwriter from Rotterdam.

Known for his catchy hooks and emotional songs.

He grew up in a small village where he started singing at a young age.

Inspired by artists like Justin Timberlake, The Weekend and of course Michael Jackson, Aschwin started writing and producing his own songs.

Aschwin is currently working on his debut EP, which will be released this fall.

Good luck getting his songs out of your head!