vrijdag 4 mei 2018

Paardcafe: Stop II + Bang Bang Band Girl

  • Paardcafé
  • 19:30
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  • 23:30

Stop II is willingly a part of the last twenty years’s country and blues music. Their sound is wild, lo-fi and filthy. This french duet coming from Bordeaux secretes adulterated tunes in all simplicity, with a plowing tractor’s efficiency and accuracy. The final result smells likes hops, red hot embers and dirty oil marks.

A One Lady Band – Sheri Corleone originally from Valparaíso, Chile, started playing as a one lady band in 2011. A lover of Rock & Roll in its truest and rawest essence, she replenishes her primitive roots and Rockabilly, Surf, Garage, Trash Blues influences by digging destructured germs from the No Wave and Noise genre.

Straight away in 2011 she started touring Chili, Argentina, Peru and Brazil, that wasn’t enough for our RnR heroine. In 2015 she left for Europe, playing with many well known One man bands and also great bands and till now she´s still touring around all over this continent. This time she will finally play at MIR. So come, see and get your chance to dance to the Queen of the onemanbands!