vrijdag 1 maart 2019

Paardcafé: Noam Bar

Noam Bar on her big europe tour live at Paard Café in Den Haag. Don’t miss one of her legendary performances!

  • Paardcafé
  • 19:30
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  • 23:30

Noam Bar is a Hannover, Germany based independent singer-songwriter. Her way led her from Tel Aviv over Madrid and Miami to Germany. The singers deep soulful voice, exciting mix of musical genres such as Soul, R&B, Pop, Rap and Jazz, in combination with her deeply personal and honest lyrics, create an electrifying and unique style Noam Bar and Band was formed late 2015 with Tobias Reckfort – drums, Florian Maurer – keys, Nic Knoll – bass, Laurenz Cedric – saxophone. Since then, the group has made a name for itself in their region, playing shows and festivals around Germany and Europe and recently self-releasing their first EP – “Fairytales Of The Worst Kind”. – Now out on every main music streaming platform. On February/March of 2019, Noam Bar and Band is scheduled to go on their first European tour through Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium and England, in order to promote their EP.