donderdag 14 oktober 2021

Paardcafe: La Bomba

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This Dutch/American rock power trio with a bang, is a fun but serious project of three reknown artists. Bringing together three lead vocalists and three great musicians for alternative rock and blues from “the rougher side”.
  • Paardcafé
  • 20:00
  • 20:00
  • 23:30
The three members of LaBomba all have their own bands and projects but on the dates they are free, they will tour with this three piece band, bringing powerhouse guitar songs mixed with their three voices.
Singer/guitarist Maroen Franse left Holland at the age of 16 to study guitar in LA and after he came back in Holland made his fame in various bands in and outside Holland.
He also runs a tattoo and vintage guitar shop in The Hague in Holland.
Bass player and singer Dave Bordeaux is one of the most experienced and reknown bass players from The Hague where he played in The Clarks, Billy the Kid and is now bass player and singer for DIESEL (Sausalito Summernight) that started touring again.
“Making rough, down to the bone, unpolished music with a tight trio is the closest thing to sex… only lasts longer.”
So…if you want to see and hear them. You might have just one chance. Expect a sound that mixes Nirvana, SRV, Jeff Healey, Gary Clark Jr., Cream, Triggerfinger and Jimi Hendrix.
LaBomba is a party, enjoyed best with loads of beer and a pedal to the metal attitude.
Let’s rock!
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