vrijdag 13 september 2019

Paardcafé: GUAP Night x bFAKE

GUAP Night is hét nieuwe podium voor Haags talent op het gebied van hiphop en R&B. Tijdens GUAP Nights draaien lokale DJ’s de dikste tracks en kun je door middel van korte showcases kennis maken met bekend en onbekend talent uit de Haagse scene. Entree is gratis! Deze editie hebben we speciale gasten uit Zuid-Afrika, namelijk bFAKE!

  • Paardcafé
  • 20:00
  • 20:00

Line up TBA


In January 2013 Cape Town was visited by the world famous Urban Dance Squad DJ DNA. There he discovered PinKi en Da Bruin. Their music, their unique style and energy made DNA compare them to a mix between the Beastie Boys and the Prodigy. It was this summer that DJ DNA took them under his wing. He flew them to Europe where PinKi en Da Bruin performed on some of the biggest stages, some hosting names like Coldplay and KRS-One. The project picked up by Dutch legend DJ DNA in 2013 has now culminated into a force which encapsulate everyone at sounds reach. 2019 sees the mice brothers extending their message passed the borders of The Netherlands and South Africa and although the old bird will not be seen on stage with the mice any longer, DNA will still be in the studio working on the fakeness. Expect much more South African craziness in 2019

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Aanmeldlink: https://www.live.cloudformz.com/C-201802091041429551-201802091041424338/

GUAP Night is een initiatief van o.a. PAARD, CultuurSchakel, Musicon, H3C, Stichting Hiphoop, Studio S, Level Up, Young Agga, Go Hard – Rappen Op School, Urban Daughter, De Mussen en Young & Zakelijk.