vrijdag 29 september 2017

Paardcafé: Get Some-Hardcore!

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Certain Death

Featuring members and ex-members of The Exploited, Black Bomb-A and The Real McKenzies, Certain Death have been tearin’ up venues and festivals throughout the UK, Europe and Scandinavia since 2002.

Their unique brand of ‘Rap, Thrash n Roll’ combined with slapstick humour, massive riffs and good time attitude has made their live performances legendary.

Their live shows have been known to include beer filled super-soakers, stage invasions and the Guinness book of records hottest curry in the World, these guys don’t do gigs…they throw parties!

The band have been featured on Radio 1, BBC, ITV and even Russian Satellite TV!! They have also provided the soundtrack to numerous extreme sports videos including the world renowned ‘THRASHER’ skateboarding series as well as their first single ‘JAILBAIT’being featured on Grand Theft Auto.

Certain Death recorded their debut album with Greg Haver (Bullet for my Valentine, Lost Prophets – nice eh?) and mastered by Ryan Smith (Iron Maiden, Lamb of God, Beyonce) at the legendary Sterling Sound NYC.

Certain Death have shared the stage with many diverse acts such as SOULFLY, SAXON, SKINDRED, THE EXPLOITED, BLACK BOMB-A, THE REAL MCKENZIES, DISCHARGE and many many more.


Get Some-Hardcore

Angry hardcore grooves for all the filthy, freaky & frustrated brothers in blood. Founded in 2012 by members of known underground punk hardcore bands Get Some! have released an EP and currently are finishing their new release. Over the past few years the band played lots of gigs all the way from BNL to East Europe. Spitting their angry I-reject message in your face…taking no prisoners! Come and GET SOME!


Searching For Relief

is a Hardcore-punk/post-hardcore/punk-rock/rock n’ roll from Utrecht, NL


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