donderdag 5 april 2018

Paardcafé: Frank Valenza + support

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Frank Valenza, Born in Pollena Trocchia, the closest village
to the ‘mouth’ of the Vesuvio, the volcano of Naples. He
grew up in Naples, he went to Milan and after several years
he moved to the Netherlands because of love, bringing us
the finest Psych Pop, drenched of joy, melancholy and

After studying Set Design at the Art Academy of Macerata,
he moved to Milan and started studying Fashion Design and
got to work for the first menswear line of Prada for 3

After a little more than a year Frank met a beautiful Dutch landscape architect, who is still
his partner; for her he decided to leave his fixed contract at Prada and his country of origin
to move to the Netherlands (end of 2007).

Once arrived in the Netherlands, Frank kept working in fashion, in order to pay the bills, but
on the side, Frank always made music. At this point in time he fully focusses on his musical
career and is ready to live the life of a broke touring musician.

In the past years Frank has worked on some songs with champion and producer Simon
Akkermans (Bombay, Mister & Mississippi, Binkbeats). Frank’s first EP was released in April
’17. The band already played some shows, including festivals De Beschaving and Le Guess
Who? and it even got some truly unexpected airplay on national Dutch Radio.