zaterdag 13 januari 2018

Paardcafé: Madhara EP Release

We proudly inform you that Madhara will present her newest single “Inner Child”!

  • Paardcafé
  • 19:30
  • 19:30
  • 23:30

Artwork by Sophie Steengracht
Design edited by Ata Güner
Recorded & mixed by SavaSound / Savas Tubbing

On this night the members of the innovative formation Madhara, will bring their mix of jazz, pop and world music to the stage of Paardcafe. With their single they will give you a taste of their upcoming EP to be released in april!
They will be supported by the mesmerizing producer Generate, who has cooperated on several tracks on the upcoming EP.

Doors open: 19:30
Concerts: 21:00-23:30
Entrance free!

About Madhara:

Madhara is a band of six international musicians, situated in The Hague and Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The versatile background of the group enables them to explore and build many different layers in their songs. Interaction between drums, percussion and electronic beats, provide the music with a rich rhythmical pallet.
Sweet acoustic melodies on clarinet and cello are alternated by electronics, dreamy piano by heavy synths, explosive solo’s by mellow beats. Strong vocal lines will keep you from getting lost throughout this colorful journey.

Madhara’s aim is to create a context in which her audience has time and space to connect with one another through music.

Madhara found a way to enhance pop music by implementing rich elements from other styles such as jazz and world music. Boosted by electronics, the music brings you to new dimensions that never fails to surprise.

About Generate:

Generate is an electronic music producer exploring the boundaries of the world of sound and rhythm. From his youth onwards he listens to jungle and breaks, but also jazz and the more experimental side of music he could appreciate at a young age. Influences will be heard in his music, even though he’s always trying to reinvent himself with it. Through the years Generate developed himself more in the deeper side of electronic music and restricts himself very little as far as inspiration, such as old soul, soundtrack and (modern)classical music. It all ends up in a bass-orientated rhythmic combination, which generates a unique colour with much detail.

He released his debut EP on Antilounge records last october, and has made remixes for Emika’s ‘3 hours’ (winner of rework contest 2012), Melorman’s ‘Heights’ and Roel Funcken’s ‘Deer’ which is released on Schematic.

We hope to see you all the 13th!

With special thanks to;
Stefano Sgarbi
Daniel Denis
Jakob Hofmann
Jacobus Thiele
Marco Castaldo
For their unconditional time and support !