vrijdag 11 februari & zaterdag 12 februari


Grauzone Festival is growing and the number of locations is being expanded with the Nieuwe Kerk, in addition to locations such as Paard, Het Koorenhuis, The Gray Space In The Middle. In addition, there will be an extensive GRAUKUNST exhibition, performances, an extensive film program, seminars and a record market.

Viagra Boys (swe) // Luis Vasquez (us) // Minuit Machine (fr) // Night Beats (us)// King Hannah (uk)// PVA (uk)// Wu-lu (uk)// Bob Vylan (uk)// Ploho (rus)// Tv Priest (uk)// Spill Gold (nl)// Just Mustard (uk)// Squrl

alternatieve pop
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  • Paard (Grote Zaal, Kleine Zaal, Paardcafé, Foyer), Koorenhuis
  • 19:00
  • 19:00

tockholm’s Viagra Boys are one of the most notable bands of the moment. With their raw and hypnotic post-punk and rousing live shows, the former hardcore boys and trained jazz musicians leave a trail of destruction with their rousing kraut rhythms, perverted disco and Iggy Pop allures. After their widely acclaimed first album ”Street Worms” they have made a great second album ‘Welfare Jazz’ and will perform this exclusively at Grauzone.

Luis Vasquez, known from The Soft Moon, will play his new and first solo album ‘A Body Of Errors’ for the first time. Vasquez, combines industrial influences from bands like Ministry with electronic synths, and influences from 70’s and 80’s horror films.

The French synth/EBM duo Minuit Machine consisting of Amandine and Helene (who played with Hante. at Grauzone in 2020) are one of the best bands in this genre with their dark electronic synth wave.

From Texas comes the psychedelic garage fuzz of Night Beats with their new album ‘Outlaw R&B’. Russian post punks Ploho from Siberia are one of the most prominent acts of the so-called ‘New Wave of Russian Music’. King Hannah from Liverpool play americana and are reminiscent of Mazzy Star. Irish shoegazers Just Mustard are one of the most exciting Irish acts with their mix of noise, dream pop and post-punk. From Brixton comes Wu-Lu with their explosive political mix of punk and left-field hip hop. The versatile genre-hopping trio PVA from London is one of the most exciting new UK acts with their danceable synth post-punk.

New London grime-punk duo Bob Vylan released one of the most incendiary political releases in recent years with their ferocious EP ‘We Live Here’. Coming to the Netherlands for the first time with their sensational live show this is for fans of Crass, Idles and Minor Threat.

After just one show, London’s TV Priest signed to Sub Pop who released their debut album Uppers; post-punk noise with strong lyrics influenced by The Fall, PIL and Idles. After their hypnotic set for Grauzone Online 2021, Amsterdam based Spill Gold will enchant the Grauzone audience with their psychedelic krautrock.ace In The Middle en het Paardcafe. Daarnaast komt er een uitgebreide GRAUKUNST tentoonstelling, performances, een uitgebreid filmprogramma, seminars en platenmarkt.