vrijdag 25 oktober 2019


CLUB GRAUZONE features DJ’s focusing on ”dark” electronic underground sounds from wave to new beat, from minimal to electro, from body music to early EBM.

Guy Tavares (Bunker Records)
Mark Knekelhuis (Knekelhuis)
Ofra (Operator)
Trish Trash (Grauzone)

Presale 10 (incl. fee)
Door 12,50 (incl. fee)

Presale 32,50 (incl. fee)

24-10 John Cooper Clarke: 25 incl. fee
25-10 Grauzone Presents: The Monochrome Set: 17,50 incl. fee
25-10 Club Grauzone: Guy Tavares / Mark Knekelhuis & more: 10,- incl. fee
25-10 Grauzone Presents: A Certain Ratio:  27,50 incl. fee
*One ticket includes all events. Get yours here

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  • € 7,50
  • € 10,00
  • Kleine Zaal
  • 23:00
  • 23:00

*incl € 2,50 servicekosten

Guy Tavares (Bunker records)
Guy Tavares’ very own ‘Schmerzlabor’ for any body’s dead on live forensic vivisection, grace to his self-acclaimed ‘carte noire’ all dead beats may join in terror his blissful punitory excavations deep into Mankind’s Heart of Darkness, where, perchance, God knows, many a minimal light music particle may just funk up many a maximal dark matter flood wave of heavy rock and blackest metal noise electric? ‘Ihre Reiseführer ins Graues hinein’?…
Mark Knekelhuis is running the Knekelhuis label, based in Amsterdam. DIY at heart, touched by the esthetics of primitivism and imperfection. His musical endeavors took him to countless different places, ever broadening his musical horizon. The worlds of live instrumentation and dance floor machinery shine through in his DJing.
Ofra will take you on a trip while sippin’ some electro, wave, techno and synthpop music. So now and then she also covers some punk music too. Besides spinning records she’s also co-founder of Rotterdam based online radiostation, Operator.


Trish Trash (Grauzone)
Trish Trash aka Natasja Alers is organiser of many shows in The Hague & Amsterdam, but also co-founder of underground festival Grauzone. You can also regularly find her behind the turntables with her impressive collection of vinyl. Mixing post punk, wave, synth pop, bodymusic, ebm and italo.