SNIESTER FESTIVAL 2021 (uitverkocht)

Festival with rocking and rattling acts that bring uncut raw energy

Friday 1 October & Saturday 2 October 8374

Corona information: In addition to your regular admission ticket, you need a corona admission ticket (QR code) that you must show in the CoronaCheckApp or you can make a printout via You must be able to show this in combination with your proof of identity. Look here for more info. Please note: a separate vaccination certificate, the yellow vaccination booklet or separate test results do not apply. You really need to generate a QR code in the CoronaCheckApp.

Sniester, the Hague music festival for everything that rocks and rattles, awaits the shitstorm a little longer. The end of May will be the end of summer: the festival will take place on Friday 1 & Saturday 2 October 2021.

Optimism has its limits. And once that limit is reached, the hard love of realism is more useful. This spring we don’t see any old-fashioned music festivals fun happening. But the fall of 2021: that’s a different story. We are fully committed to a festival as a festival should be: sweaty and sticky, in person.

Your ticket will of course move with you. And if you’re as concert-starved as we are, you can already look forward to what’s to come, despite the bizarre timeline. The aim is to see as many acts from the 2020 ghost line-up in action on October 1 & 2, 2021. Imagine.

For all questions, we refer you to [email protected].


alternatief gothic postpunk punk rock
  • Popdistrict: Paard, Grote Markt en meer
  • 16:00
  • 16:00

Sniester City Festival started in 2013 as a dream project by a few friendly programmers from The Hague with the aim of only acts with uncut raw energy. Today Sniester is the Hague music festival for everything that rocks, regardless of genre.

The stages can be found throughout the city. From PAARD and De Zwarte Ruiter to coffee shops, galleries, theateres, cellars and foyers. Sniester offers a large-scale program at intimate locations.

 And So I Watch You From Afar (UK)
Black Box Revelation (BE)
Equal Idiots

The Homesick

The Indien
Pip Blom
Rats On Rafts
Saint Agnes (UK)
Gaffa Tape Sandy (UK)
Hang Youth
Wodan Boys
Ramkot (BE)
Personal Trainer

The Haunted Youth (BE)
Burnout Boys

Kids With Buns (BE)
Black Leather Jacket (BE)
Robbing Banks
Haggard Cat (UK)
Magnetic Spacemen
Prins S. en De Geit
The Upsessions
L.A. Sagne
Grandmas House (UK)
Nancy Acid
High Hi (BE)
Sindicato Sonico
Magic Tom & Yuri
Fuzzy Teeth
Mye Taai
I Am Lotus
J. Benito
Tommy Brown

  • DOOL

    “Summerland doesn’t feel finished. The album will only be done when we have performed it live for you”, Sniester translates freely to a recent message from DOOL. How cruel: the new record was about to be released, and then, well. Then there was nothing for a year.

    You can bet that all that pent-up energy has to get out, both on and in front of the stage. And who better to let that ignite than DOOL. Uberrockers Raven van Dorst, JB van der Wal, Micha Haring, Nick Polak, and Omar Iskandr (with past lives in Elle Bandita & The Devil’s Blood) are on a collision course right from the start – sweating, pounding, and waving hair, but there’s also something infinitely subtle about it all of them. DOOL is occult, morbid, uplifting, and sophisticated.

    In short, anticipation is justified. Shortly before the 2020 shutdown, they released an EP around Killing Joke’s 1985 hit “Love Like Blood.” Their dark version of that song, hypnotic and dragging, has been doing the rounds as a crowd favorite on DOOL live shows for some time.

  • The Homesick

    Frisian cult sensation The Homesick wants to ravage the world with obstinate humor and raging noise, according to an interview from 3voor12 with the band. But it is something more than that. Jaap van der Velde, Erik Woudwijk, and Elias Elgersma make unpredictable, uplifting post-punk with experimental metastases a la King Gizzard, full of hyper-intelligent riffs and pop melodies that an indie-pop tycoon like Vampire Weekend would pay a lot of money for in times of creative drought.

    In February 2020 they released a new album: The Big Exercise. An album on which they expand songs they have already played live with baroque elements such as piano, keyboard, acoustic guitar, and clarinet. If you listen carefully, you can feel a restrained excitement just below the surface, a madness that, thank goodness, gets all the space live. Don’t hold back from us, men.



    Behold everything you need for total detachment and debauchery. Bongloard is the stripped-down version of the classic rock’n’roll lineup of bass guitar drums and passionately manages to fill your rock’n’roll heart with everything you desire. Horribly gifted power trio. Popronde OOR talent and Never Mind The Hype talent, and they are no-nonsense.


    We can all celebrate 10 years of Paceshifters together. That’s 10 years of endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline and testosterone on stage. Unpredictable live shows of the kind that make cult hordes form behind a band.

    They are taking a slightly newer approach with their upcoming album A Brand New Plan. The first songs still reveal that rock solid Paceshifters energy, but also more space, more dynamics, more splendor and plenty of opportunity to derail hard. And I think we’re all ready for that. Right?


    Splinter is a group of both punk and classic rock and is for many the bearer of good news. Splinter originated from three acts of the harder genre that were roughly stolen from us in recent years: Death Alley, Vanderbuyst & Birth of Joy.

    The free-roaming musical energy had to be channeled as quickly as possible, so Douwe Truijens, Sander Bus, Barry van Esbroek & Gertjan Gutman started a new rock band that smelled of punk. Dirty guitars, bare bellies, roaring rhythms sexy and ha, an organ: everything is there. And everything comes out three times as loud on stage.


    They may burn out, but they will never fade away!

    Who do we see there? Dennis Weening (ex-Spider Rico), Lennard Kruithof (also ex-Spider Rico and ex-Organisms), along with more 90’s West Coast Post-Hardcore Veterans from Orange Sunshine, Fever Dream, Jimmy Barock. In a brand new formation.

    On the Sniester Livestream, they were already doing so bizarrely well and really hard – get ready in October for a rostrum like it’s 1997.


    Down to the seams with garage rock’n’rollers Natousch Gerritsen, Sebas Simoen, Danny van Tiggele and Isai Reiziger. Each and every one of them mighty musicians that we also know from Taymir, Mister and Mississippi, Rondé and Woot. Together they see the beauty in the grit of The Oh Sees, Ty Segall, and The Dead Weather.

    During their hyper-energetic live shows, they take the pelvic sanding of the aforementioned bands to a higher level. According to 3voor12 a must-see act and that is correct

  • NIKO

    Sniester wouldn’t be complete without Niko. So! For those of you who are new this year:

    Niko started as a solo project by Nik van den Berg in L.A. and after many hours of playing with The Hague character heads Thomas van der Want, Bas Prins, and Richie Bleijenberg, it has been sublimated into something sublime. Key concepts are irony, nonchalance, and melancholy, key adjectives catchy and danceable and good and timeless.

    Are you open to it if Nik van den Berg shows you the romanticism of a fluorescent-lit room lyrically? Then be present.


    Kulou is a band of five guys from The Hague’s skateboard scene. Namely Gianni Tjon Tam Pau (singing drummer), his brother Clark Tjon Tam Pau (keyboards), Laurens ten Berge (bass & vocals), Bob Zurcher & Jesse Gravenberch (both guitar & vocals). But don’t immediately think of pop-punk or skate punk: Kulou plays an intense mix of surf, garage rock, and psychedelic rock.


    Ah, Paracetamol. Made for the mosh pit. Within three bars, your heart rate is above 180 bpm and you want to break something. Everything they do is fast, hard and serious and that made the foursome very popular within the time span of 1 Popronde. Garage/postpunk of a painful rawness a la Ex Cult, Oh Sees & Metz. Frontman who wipes all corners of the room with himself. Pearl of a tire.

    Their debut album was released last year, but they couldn’t tour with it yet – Sniester is, in short, the perfect time to let things get out of hand.


    They are punk enough not to have a Facebook page, and well known in underground circles to know who it is all about. Adrenaline punk rock outfit/ wrecking ball orchestra FuckFuckFuck is coming to Sniester!

    The credo is simple: start in tenth gear and then just play hit songs drenched in sweat, sex, beer, and rock and roll. Cheerful pushing and pulling in the audience follows, to everyone’s satisfaction. Hey, you’re getting into it now. Tip: they don’t play their extremely danceable blues rock-punk boogie outside Amsterdam Noord very often, so don’t miss your chance.


    The hyperactive guitar gems of Black Leather Jacket in all their debauchery are respectful reverences to Black Sabbath, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but also to Ty Segall. Wild situations and blood on the drumsticks but at the same time intelligent and layered. With a deep growling bass to pull it all down to the gut.

    In Flanders, they know how to handle that kind of music, so they blasted straight into the final of StuBru’s prestigious band rally De Nieuwe Lichting. And Sniester also had them on the wish list for some time. If you’re waiting for a sign to go to this band, this is it.


    “The aggressor frightens his own lazarus, knows no Wodan boy.” If you dig up your band name from the Van Kooten and De Bie archive, you don’t let yourself go crazy.

    The Wodan Boys are not vegan, did not have a bad childhood and in the meantime, they are fully aware that we are all on a sinking ship. Thomas van der Want and Mikkie B. soberly scream the Weltschmerz off with explosive rock’n’roll – and it is the general development of The Hague that they are particularly adept at it. A show to eagerly look forward to.


    Playground of the Dutch indie rock scene, with Canshaker Pi-Willem Smit as ringmaster.

    A wonderful band for a festival, because what could be nicer than dancing along with the well-organized chaos of musician friends who are having fun with a hernia. Personal Trainer is a side project for the entire band and that gives every performance the atmosphere of an impromptu house party. A party of the kind that you are happy to stick around: in April they played a 24-hour monster show, in Paradiso. Catch up on the past year.


    You approach a hall, hear an at least three-headed garage rock’n’roll state pull out all the stops. Wildly headbanging you work your way forward and what do we see there: it’s one damn man. With only 2 arms!

    Robin Saaze from Utrecht is the guitarist, drummer, singer, producer, and record executive of his own band. After years of Taxi to the ocean and Drive like Maria, he played as a one-man band from Zwarte Cross to DWDD and was proclaimed Serious Talent (“no doubt in a fit of 3FM’s insanity”).

    It turns out that 2 arms, 2 feet, and a throat are more than enough to blast a deliciously filthy box of explosives through the room. If you’re Robbing Banks of course. Learned something again.

  • LIFE

    These punks from Hull are phenomenal. The debut album from 2017 carrys the cynical title ‘Popular Music’ and was appreciated by critics, mainly due to the striking and venomous vocals of Mez Green. After extensive tours with musical blood brothers Slaves and IDLES, the following song ‘A Picture Of Good Health’ was released – and again; a rock-hard commentary on the music industry.

    This concert consists of enjoying hysterical but tight guitars, sonic chaos and genuine anger. LIFE is brilliant, political, intelligent. And hard. Just like real life



    Imagine that de drummer from Peter Pan Speedrock a band would start with singer/guitarist/endboss Jeroen Haamers from Psychobilly godfathers Batmobile. That would be a kick in the face, right? Well- good news because this band ,named Speedmobile, exist.

    It started off as an occasional thing that we realy wanted to join: Motörhead classics playing during a Lemmy memorial.This was taken up so well that it was impossible to quite.

    Speedmobile is a keeper, a one of a kind band: two of the most hard working,raw rock’n’roll sweating bands of the country together on stage. With new material to blow us all away.


    If you like the energie of The Stooges, Alison Mosshart and Black Rebel Motorcycle club. Then for sure you will like the british rockers; Saint Agnes. This band consist of charismatic people with good hair and a bottemles pit of black- and madness. And from that pit perversely danceable, explosive rock’n’roll vapors rise.

    In the 2019 festival season, they were overloaded with praise for their derailed shows on the Isle of Wight & The Great Escape, among others. The chemistry is dripping between the front duo Jon Tufnell and Kitty Arabella – think of The Kills in their early days. In the British they invariably sell out the halls. “Chilling and superior,” commented Nick Cave Zelve.




    Wow what a nice British band is Gaffa Tape Sandy. Light-footed as Pulp, but their guitars aren’t kidding.

    The band was born in 2015 from a desire of 3 friends to create something cool and exciting. The Uk found the band so cool and exciting that they’ve been mainly touring there since then, but now they’re finally setting foot on this side of the water. Look forward to an endless array of high-octane earwigs that will put you in an incredibly good mood.



    WAIT! Is this another amazing band coming from Belgium? Will the amazing Vlaamse kwality music then never stop?

    The hoarse sound that sensitive types go so hard at Millionaire, in combination with an increasingly outside coloring, rolling groove STRAIGHT from the crotch, to put it nicely.

    Ramkot is going to kick some ass. So we are going to dance the last year off.


    When you go to Tusky you know it’s going to be a party! The band formed by, at the time, ex-John Coffey members  is super catchy, tight and bursting with energy. From day 1 the Tusknado raced past Noorderslag and Zwarte Cross. From that time on Sniester the confetti still sticks to our buttocks.

    We’re now a pandemic and a few personnel changes further(Alfred with the Mustache has moved on, as has bassist Christoffer – members of Pene Corrida and All Doomed bring fresh blood) and Tusky’s straightforward punk rock’n’roll is still the best medicine for all kinds of heartache. We’re going out again, and we’ll know that too.




    The band Pip Blom is going places. She traveled through England with her wonderful indie pop songs (where Heavenly Recordings suddenly offered her a contract). During all this they were also asked to join The Breeders, Surfer Blood and Franz Ferdinand on Eurotour . You can imagine that they can hardly do it better.

    Fortunately, she doesn’t say no to a Dutch party yet. Because we fully enjoy the pop songs from Pip! Look and listen to the ultra-happy song “keep it together”” down below and you’ll immediately understand why we are fans!



    You are young and you long for… Yes, but what exactly? This feeling in a soundtrack is The Haunted Youth in a nutshell. If you like dark, compelling, dreamy synthpop, you’ll love this.

    In Vlaanderen they fall for the great sound of this band, and with good reason. Be sure to check this out if you also like the melancholy universes of MGMT, DIIV, Slowdive and -why not- The Cure.



    If Kids With Buns is a gauge of where the new generation of music makers is heading, then we are on the eve of a wonderful era. Marie Van Uytvanck (21) and Amber Piddington (19) build a world with their atmospheric guitar playing and androgynous voices where everyone and everything feels welcome. There is no labeling or exclusion people here.

    Lean in and enjoy their warm, quiet tracks similar to London Grammar, Phoebe Bridgers and Girl In Red.

  • DIRK.

    Some compare slackerrockers DIRK. with both Weezer and Pixies. Many people call DIRK. a fantastic band,and there is little to argue with.

    DIRK. already conquered in 2016 the bronze medal at Humo’s Rock Rally. In 2020 they are the most popular – and most played – indie act in Belgium. They appeared with 3 songs -at the same time- in De Afrekening. Which has never happened before in the thirty years existence of ‘Vlaanderens most beautiful list’. It delivered DIRK. the title ‘King of de Afrekening’. Dutch radiostations; Radio 1, Kink and Pinguin Radio also pushed DIRK. further to the stairway to heaven.

    DIRK. has a new record that we are going to hear live. DIRK. himself says: ‘It is not for one thing or another, but brace yourself anyway.’ So that you know.


    This tonne of hardcore punk explosives is the successor to the band that stopped way too early; Heck. Haven’t you heard of this: Heck put on the most memorable and intense show ever in Sniester’s history in 2018.

    So, programming wise Haggard Cat was a no-brainer and they are going to make a lot of people happy again. Also as a duo Matt Reynolds & Tom Marsh open the adrenaline floodgates further than you thought possible. Only know with a slightly more polished sound: genius melodic noise with a head & a tail, and even a recognizable blues or heavy metal riff from time to time.

    We pour the beer in plastic just to be sure only then we can roll out the red capret. All hail the sympathetic and beastly wrecking balls from Nottingham!


    Do you like garage rock? And can the sun shine once in a while? Watch Magnetic Spacemen. Wonderful band.

    Uplifting sound with brightly clattering guitars, but also a vehicle to uncontrollably trow out all the stress and thunder of life. When you see this band live it looks like a lovely sweaty mess on stage. Will go down well if you like Thee Oh sees, FIDLAR and Meatbodies too!


    Still when the sun rises above fourteen degrees, everybody in The Hague hums ‘Summer Night’ by The Indien. But even 6 years after that hit, wonderfully soulful tunes continue to flow from this band.

    The dreamy voice of Rianne Walther and the splashing guitar work of Casper Talsma immerse you in the sunny sixties vibes. no doubt that this makes us happy in the Netherlands, but that also gives you a record deal in England as it turns out. Let that “Indien” summer begin.


  • SØWT

    Eindhoven noise rock with an extra oxygen boost of undisguised criticism and anger about the more f*cked up things in life.

    Listening carefully to the lyrics is a treat (“What are you. A Primark model?”). Although SØWT’s screams are at least as telling.


    And now something completely different.

    Hang Youth has no time to lose. To quickly get to the heart of the matter, this is a Amsterdamse band that invented a new form of expression that is somewhere between a funny art project, an evil tweet and a deadly serious punk band. An example: on albums BOEL ON HAND and ALLES MOET BETER, we hear ultra-short but radically furious hardcore pop-punk bangers like ‘WHY IS EVERYTHING SO FUCKING EXPENSIVE?’, ‘I GIVE A KIDNEY FOR NO RUTTE IV’ and ‘TAX SERVICE’. Bursting with social engagement, the boys pursue their extremely anarchic agenda wherever they can.

    In May 2021 the new record ‘HET K-WOORD’ was released, and if capitalism has not fallen by then, the band will be forced to release even more albums.


    And now it’s time to dance.

    To prevent it from getting too serious with all that alternative underground rattling, we invited the Kiloknallers.

    Straatskaformatie (a good word for scrabble) consists of no fewer than eight band members. They are specialized

    in blowing the roof off in the open air. Their musical testosterone takes all cynics on a wild ride through the world of 50’s and 60’s ska. Don’t miss this one!


    Dope basses, eighties vibes but new and exciting, rousing, energetic and sexy: High Hi is all about grand gestures.

    The Belgian power trio is sometimes compared to Arcade Fire by people behind keyboards, because of the combination of guitarist Anne-Sophie Ooghe and the vocals of drummer Dieter Beerten. The Kills can also often make a contribution.

    But people in halls don’t think about those bands at all. They watch High Hi and only think: Holy mac. How cool.


    Explosive mestizo mariachi band with members from Mexico, Honduras, Cuba, Belgium and Spain.

    You may have seen this awesome party syndicate in the Zwarte Ruiter, and they keep getting asked to perfome now. Peoply simply love to dance and listing to the original ska-mariachi-funk’n’roll sound of Sindicato Sonico.

    Sniester made a special request to Mexican fiesta capitan Roman Santos, and that was to make an dope party

    without mercy. Atencion, amigos!


    Smoking a joint in the wind – INBRANDER.
    If you go to a Inbrander show – bring your earplugs.
    But,  you will have a nice evening.

    This punkband from Amsterdam Noord has a big heart for hip-hop & nu-metal, and a great talent for chaos.

    Are you coming to Sniester to mosh and hurt yourself horribly? Then stop searching.


    Steckerneck is not a Trio Escobar and it is not a Burma Shave.

    So what is Steckerneck? Niels Göbel, Thijn Teeuwissen & Remco Prins say very little about that. A new record has been made, ‘The Righteous Cup’, haven’t heard it yet, but we’ve already booked it. Because with these three rock stars from The Hague, one of the few things that is certain in life, you get something good into your home.

“ We werden overrompeld door de diversiteit. Zoveel te zien, zoveel te beleven. Sniester is een soort kermis voor muziekliefhebbers vol kleurtjes, lichtjes, geluiden plus veel eten en drinken. Het leven is goed op Sniester! “

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