Monday 8 March 2021


Are you talking about dark postpunk? You’re talking about The Sisters of Mercy. The band started of as a group of vocalist Andrew Eldritch, guitarist Gary Max and BOSS-DR-55 drum computer ‘Dokter Avalanche’. Now they’ve grown to be one of the biggest bands in the intoxicating and sultry British wave and postpunk scene. We can’t wait until March 8th, because that’s when the band will be performing in PAARD.

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The Sisters of Mercy released a handful of studio albums under their current name. ‘First and Last and Always’, ‘Floodland’ and ‘Vision Thing’ have emotionally charged lyrics and dark and brooding sounds of the late 80s. You can hear the timeless material (tracks like ‘Dominion’ and ‘This Corrosion’) on the records and during their shows, that’s what has made The Sisters cult heroes.