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CORONA UPDATE 25/2: This event can be visited without a Covid Certificate (qr-code) or negative testresult and without 1.5 meter measures or mask!

Nona is coming to PAARD, with Sevens as support! Everything has a beginning, including the timeless debut songs of singer Nona. She is in her early twenties but with the voice of an old soul, her songs are full of raw feeling and above all heartwarming. You can warm your hands with every phrase Nona sings, from the dilapidated nightclub grandeur of ‘sealed my lips’ to the steaming album opener ‘It’s Alright’.

Nona has been singing at school Christmas concerts since and she knew this was what she wanted to do. She started with the songs of other artists, from Otis Redding to Etta James, and then started writing her own lyrics from her small room in Eindhoven. She’s been doing this since she can remember, with a seemingly endless stream of notebooks; “I’m always writing, really always…..”

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Eventually, Nona started writing with others and sparked the interest of a major record label and a major publishing house. This accelerated her creativity and eventually led to a recording studio in New York, where she was introduced to a large number of American musicians. The rock she had grown up with, the blues she learned from Steve, the hip-hop she loved, all these influences flowed together. What this has delivered is a warm bath of a debut album, from the sensitive and deeply personal ‘Sleeptalking’ to the swinging declaration of love in ‘Givin’ It All’, from the groove propelling the cinematic ‘Last To Know’ to the dazzling in the soul wrapped gif of ‘Big Talk, Small Town’

R&B, with a contemporary twist. But there is more to it. Only 20 years old, but looking at Sevens’ musical output, it looks like he’s been around for ages. Young as he is, Sevens is an accomplished songwriter, with a great interest and passion for all things urban. With every release it seems like he is releasing another layer of his musical talent.


PAARD50 // 21 – 30 October
PAARD celebrates it’s 50th birthday in 2022 and we will honor that with a spectacular party week in October: PAARD50. From October 21, till October 30 during PAARD50 we will celebrate PAARD of the past, PAARD of the future and especially PAARD NOW.

More acts, program and information will follow!

"Het super talent van eigen bodem"

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