Saturday 5 December 2020


The Hague based independent record label Mink Records presents a musical line up featuring Torii, The Visual, Illnoledge, Real Farmer – DJs, visuals, a vinyl and vintage clothing market and art exposition at Paard Den Haag, on October 2nd 2020.

⤖ Live Music: Torii, The Visual, Illnoledge, Real Farmer
⤖ DJs: Silk, Solyaris Soundsystem, Condition: Mint
⤖ VJs/Visuals: Glitterstudio, Orisun Studio (Homegrown)
⤖ Art Expo: Jamel Armand, Philine van den Hul, Badriah Hamelink
⤖ Market: 33 45 Vinyl Records, Espresso Records, Zusjes Vintage Boetiek, Mink Records merchandise stall

Tickets: €10

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  • Grote zaal met zitplaatsen
  • 18:30
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*incl € 2,50 servicefee

The psychedelic pop of Dutch quintet Torii seems to deftly breeze by without a care in the world: warm, wistful and weightless.
Founder Domenico Mangione transmutes troubled feelings of trauma, lonesomeness, and alienation into his intricate, spectral production values.

The Visual
The Visual makes time stand still for a moment. From melancholy to frenzy, she takes you on a dystopian black and white arthouse film. The Visual sings about love in the most beautiful way. Enchanting and almost mesmerizing. The voice of Van Rij and the spherical soundscapes of Persoon will send shivers down your spine.

llnoledge is a duo consisting two brothers: Steve Hartley and Mill Voyance. Since 2015 they officially came out as a duo working under the name Illnoledge. Illnoledge stands for enlightenment. With a purposeful approach to art in general they mainly focus to enlighten themselves in order to trigger others to enlighten themselves.

Real Farmer
‘With members from Yuko Yuko, Korfbal and OOO, Real Farmer is as DIY garage punk as a band can get. A no-nonsense attitude while giving it all on stage.’ – Angela Donskaia

Safe concert visit in PAARD
It has been announced through the Haaglanden Safety Region that the PAARD program can continue in the future with a maximum capacity of 130 people. This means that our program can continue as planned. Of course, our (strict) 1.5m measures that have already been implemented will remain in force. There are also a number of new rules: mouth masks are mandatory in the building (except on the seat), our bar stops serving at 9:30 PM and it’s not allowed to drink after 10 PM. We hope that everyone will continue to do their very best with us to comply with the measures within and outside PAARD. For more information click here.