Sunday 26 September 2021


This event has been moved from December 5, 2020 to this new date and is now finally going ahead! Tickets already purchased remain valid and ticket buyers will receive another email. More information about your tickets, credits and movements can be found here.

The Hague based independent record label Mink Records presents a musical line up featuring Donna Blue, The Visual, Illnoledge, Tousch.

⤖ Live muziek: Donna Blue, The Visual, Illnoledge, TOUSCH
⤖ DJs: Gianni Tjon, Silk, Nostalgic Nas, Marieke Mckenna, Andre Agressi
⤖ Partners/Visual Art: Orisun Studio (Homegrown), Reconsider Studio, Philine van den Hul
⤖ Markt: 3345 vinyl records, Mink Records merchandise stall


  • € 10,00
  • Grote Zaal
  • 18:30
  • 19:00

*incl € 2,50 servicefee

The musical and artistic duo llnoledge consists of two brothers: Steve Hartley and Mill Voyance. Illnoledge stands for enlightenment: with a purposeful spiritual approach to art in general, they use music as a tool to create awareness. It’s Sun Ra inspired funk and soul.

Donna Blue
They are each other’s muse, lover, and band. The creative duo behind Donna Blue plays sultry indie pop, influenced by 60’s yé yé, David Lynch movies old Hollywood romance.

The Visual
The Visual makes time stand still for a moment. From melancholy to heavy sounds, she takes you on a journey through a dystopian black-and-white arthouse film. The Visual sings about love in the most beautiful way. Mesmerizing and almost enchanting. Van Rij’s voice and Persoon’s atmospheric soundscapes give you shivers down your spine.

TOUSCH is a four-piece garage rock ‘n’ roll formation with roots in The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam. The band knows each other from the Herman Brood Academy. They have quickly proven themselves as an unmistakable new entity in the Dutch underground guitar scene. Their raw sound is inspired by bands like Ty Segall, Sonic Youth, Angel Olsen and The Dandy Warhols.