Saturday 20 March 2021


Due to Coronavirus measures, this show has been moved to the date of March 20, 2021. Tickets already purchased remain valid and ticket buyers should have received an email. More information about your tickets, credits and transfers can be found here. 

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In 2020 we look back at the passing of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix because it has been fifty years since. We’ll do that on March 21st with no other than Julian Sas. The band plays a set of the musical hero in their own, unique way.

In 2019 Julian Sas proved their success when they played a set of Jimi Hendrix at a Woodstock Anniversary festival. It was the absolute highlight of the festival.

Julian Sas and his musical partners have been part of the music industry for almost 25 years. Honest music from the heart, soul and hard work. Last year their newest album Stand Your Ground was released, a new chapter in the life of the blue-rockers.
Het bruist en het kookt, maar ook de gevoelige noot ontbreekt niet. Met Fear of Falling , als één van de emotionele muzikale hoogtepunten.

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