Tuesday 31 March 2020

PAARD gaat door in coronatijden

PAARD  continues. Also in the summer months!

We can receive the public again from the beginning of June! We are so happy with that that we are not taking a summer break, but staying open. You can view the current range of shows via www.paard.nl/event/

The current program will therefore continue in an adjusted manner. This will vary per show for the time being. There are three options:

Program with AUDIENCE: a live show with seats for the public, tickets are sold online via PAARD website or at the entrance, stating your e-mail address.

Program with AUDIENCE and LIVESTEAM: A live show with public seating and the show is filmed and broadcast live. So you can also watch from home. Tickets for the public are sold online via PAARD website or at the entrance, stating your e-mail address. You can register for the livestream via the PAARD site.

Program as LIVESTREAM ONLY: The show is only broadcast live and there is no audience. You can register for the livestream via the PAARD site.

We indicate after the name of the program which type of show it will be.

Relocations and cancellations

As soon as it is clear whether a show will be cancelled or rescheduled, the ticket buyers will receive an email and we will mention this on the website as well. So keep an eye on your email! If there is an audience at a show where we previously communicated that it was Livestream Only, we will send all applicants an email. Sold-out concerts are still being moved to dates that we hope may allow more people to enter the hall again. When moving, visitors are given the option to return their tickets and receive a refund. In the event of a cancellation, visitors will also receive an email and will automatically receive a refund. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Corona-proof experience for visitors (if PAARD is allowed to open for visitors)

PAARD follows the protocol of the Association of Dutch Poppodia and Festivals and different house rules than usual apply. In advance you can choose a solo ticket (if you want your own seat + table) or you can purchase duo tickets if you come with two people. Note: you have to buy a separate duo ticket for each person, so for 2 people you buy 2 duo tickets. Upon arrival, a number of questions can be asked about your health, so that visitors and staff are not at risk. You do not need to show a test or vaccination certificate. A safe 1.5 meter routing and room layout has been set up for the public. Everyone wears face masks in the building as long as this is necessary according to the RIVM. We also ask visitors to remain seated during the event. A few days before the show, visitors will receive complete information about their visit to PAARD. Measures change regularly so this mail states which rules apply to your show.

The visitor is guided to fixed seats and the staff serves at the table. There is also a completely renewed menu with food & drinks, which can be found on the PAARD website.

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The options for PAARD visitors at a glance

Why the promotion ‘Save your ticket, enjoy later’? The financial impact of the corona measures is also enormous for the cultural sector. That is why a regulation has been drawn up in consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Authority for Consumers & Markets that offers solutions in this exceptional situation for the sector. Under the heading ‘Save your ticket, enjoy later’ we ask visitors to keep their ticket(s) and to come and enjoy the concert in question later (or another concert for which you want to use your PAARD credit). Read more about the cabinet-wide package for organizations and self-employed professionals in the cultural sector on the website of the national government. The arrangement ‘Save your ticket, enjoy later’ also falls under this.

Save your ticket: Do you have a ticket for a rescheduled show and are you going on the new date? Then you don’t have to do anything. Your current ticket (with old date on it) remains valid for the new date.


Enjoy later: In 2020 we offered that you could convert tickets into a credit. You can see your credit in your PAARD account on the website, and it is valid for a minimum of 12 months and you always retain your right to request a refund. These credits can still be spent in 2021.

Refund: Ticket buyers will receive an email as soon as an event is canceled or moved. In the event of a cancellation, you will receive a full refund (including service costs). In the event of a relocation, you will have four weeks to indicate that you want a refund. Please note: the refund period is longer than you are used to with a relocation or cancellation. The repayment term has been determined in consultation with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Authority for Consumers & Markets in the regulation ‘Ticket fees Corona crisis Cultural and sports events‘. This arrangement is there because it concerns an exceptional situation. In this regulation, the refund period of no later than 1 month after the new date of the rescheduled event applies in the event of a relocation and in the event of a cancellation this is 3 months after the cancellation.

Do you want to help PAARD and artists?

That makes us and the artists very happy in this time! You can help artists and PAARD in various ways.

1) Buy tickets for an artist you want to support (ticket fees will benefit the artist excluding service costs) and at checkout you can add an extra donation that benefits PAARD.

2) Become a FRIEND of PAARD for €50 per year: see www.paard.nl/vriendenclub

3) Donate your ticket. Mail to [email protected] for this


I bought a physical ticket. What should I do now?

If you bought a ticket at the PAARD entrance or at one of the other official pre-sale addresses, you can email a photo or scan of your ticket to [email protected], stating ‘return hardcopy ticket’. Unfortunately, our physical ticket office is closed at the moment.

More information

We hope the information above is enough for you for now. More information can also be found at www.bewaarjeticket.nl

“We hebben de laatste periode alles op alles gezet om het livestreamen te professionaliseren. Nu is het moment dat we kunnen laten zien hoe leuk het kan zijn om een liveshow mee te maken vanuit je eigen woonkamer.”

Directeur Majel Blonden van PAARD over de komende periode: