Thursday 28 September


Dream big, bigger, and grand because PAARD Concepts is back! It’s time to bring your legendary idea for an evening at PAARD in the Kleine Zaal to life. PAARD is giving you the keys, the debit card, and together, we’ll turn your party into something unforgettable. Are you the one who always organizes everything in your group of friends? And is your phone never on silent? Then we’re looking for you!
Let your creativity run wild and win your own dream party!

The winning concept:

Brings something unique to the nightlife in The Hague Is ambitious but also realistic Appeals to a large group of people from The Hague

How does it work?

There is a budget of €1,250 available The party takes place in the Kleine Zaal with a capacity of 325 people. We will organize a night together in December between 23:00 and 4:00. The three coolest concepts will be invited to present. The winner gets the party of their dreams. Participation is for ages 18 and above.

What do you need to do?

Send us your proposal. It can be in writing, but it can also be a video! Be creative and make it visual! Tell us what the party looks like and who your target audience is. How will you reach these people? Don’t forget to create a budget plan too. How will you allocate the budget among artists, promotion, and decor? Lastly, your motivation is, of course, the most important thing!

Submit your concept plan before October 22th to [email protected] with the subject: concept competition + ‘event name’.

We’re looking for creative ideas that add something missing to The Hague’s nightlife. To give you an idea, here are two concepts that previously won PAARD CONCEPTS: Molotov and Mama Africa.

MOLOTOV originated as an initiative within the Dutch Bass Community in collaboration with Paard when they realized that there were no Russian Hardbass parties being held in the Netherlands. We hope to be pioneers and inspire others to organize more Russian Hardbass parties. After the first night in the Kleine Zaal, a second one followed, and then three editions in the Grote Zaal. Each edition sold out and became a great success. So, it’s a success story of an innovative concept!

The successful MAMA AFRICA also started with PAARD CONCEPTS. Yes, yes, little children grow up. In a short time, the gentlemen sold out their first edition in the Kleine Zaal. Six years later, Mama Africa is an integral part of Dutch nightlife. With editions every weekend all over the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, it’s the best way to honor African music. The concept keeps growing even at festivals, with stage hostings at Mysteryland, Lowlands, and the Rotterdam Summer Carnival.