Thursday 16 December 2021

ZUCO 103

In April, the founders of Brazilectro Zuco 103 already played in PAARD during a spectacular livestream on PAARD TV, on December 16 Zuco 103 will return with their club tour! With over 22 years of musical collaboration under their belt, Zuco 103 is a pioneer of the mix-match genre Brazilectro; a fusion of samba, jazz and electronic music, with influences from world music, dub and drum ‘n bass.

The group has been working on their unique sound since 1999 and in 2021 Zuco 103 sounds closer than ever. The wild mix of influences has deepened further into an intense sound storm, which makes the halls bounce with energy live. On December 16 you can dance along live in the Kleine Zaal.

BrazilectroelectronicJazzworld music
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Zuco 103 started in 1999 with singer Lilian Viera, keyboard player Stefan Schmid and drummer Stefan Kruger. The collaboration started in the acid jazz world around groups like SFeQ and New Cool Collective. You could see Zuco’s sound like a modernized variation of the tropicalia-movement in Brazil in the late 60’s. In contrast to the brazilian movement, Zuco gets its inspiration from western pop and rock music. Meanwhile the group has mixed drum’n bass and dub with samba and bossa, which is surprisingly danceable. They played at dutch festivals like Lowlands and North Sea Jazz and international festivals like Fuji Rock and Rock Werchter.

Een van de meest ervaren krachten in de tropische elektronica.

Leendert van der Valk – NRC Handelsblad