Saturday 8 June 2024 2024

Zea is Arnold de Boer, born and raised in Fryslân, based in Amsterdam. His music is sometimes intimate, heartwarming, poetic, then again highly energetic, urgent, quirky and driven by syncopated trance-like guitar playing.

He started Zea as a band in 1995. He plays guitar, trumpet, synths and beat machines and sings in English as well as in his native language Fries (Frisian). In 2003 Zea became a duo and since 2009 Zea has been De Boer’s solo project where, as at this show, he is supported by Ineke Duivenvoorde (drums) and Harald Austbø (cello). In 2009 Zea also joined the Dutch underground band The Ex. His work with Ghanaian kologo star King Ayisoba gained worldwide attention and since 2012 they have been touring together around the world where he meets a curious audience that may not literally grasp the message, feeling and poetry of his Frisian songs, but they do.

Zea has played more than 2,000 concerts in more than 40 different countries on six continents. He organizes, books, plays, records, mixes, drives, sells, masters and listens completely independently of the mainstream music industry and will continue to do so because he believes the music industry is just that as poison to the soul.

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  • Café
  • 20:00
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