Friday 2 February 2024 2024

Hailing from Maastricht, the southernmost city in the Netherlands, Yīn Yīn entered the scene in 2019 with the Thai psych rock-influenced album The Rabbit that Hunts Tigers, which was followed in 2022 with the more spiritual and cosmic-sounding The Age of Aquarius. The band’s latest album Mount Matsu finds their sound gradually shifting to the land of the rising sun: Japan. Sticking to pentatonic scales, the band’s largely instrumental sound is created with a unique set of instruments, including vintage synthesizers and a traditional Chinese string instrument; the ‘Guzheng’. Mount Matsu will undoubtedly do well in the end-of-year lists for anyone who likes warm and sticky-sounding psychedelic disco, cool global funk, electronics and tribal experiments. On February 2, YĪN YĪN will take us on this journey!

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  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:00
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The songs on Mount Matsu were – for the first time in Yīn Yīn’s life – co-created by all members of the band. “Art and ideas are personal and precious and the process of really doing this together was about more than just making an album, it was also an exploration of how collectives work,” notes Remy, Yīn Yīn’s long-time bassist An. “It is sometimes difficult to see your own artistic ideas challenged when you are part of a group, but we are very proud of the result. When you truly co-create, literally every sound on a record has been tested and thought through. We’ve chosen to use the vocals only sparingly, leaving plenty of room for the listener’s imagination: you can really let your imagination run wild as you listen and dance to it. The creation process felt like the tedious but very satisfying climb of a mountain, hence the title of the record: Mount Matsu.

Kees Berkers – drums
Remy Scheren – bass
Erik Bandt – guitar
Robbert Verwijlen – keys

Support: Scherry

Scherry, based in Berlin but originally from the Dutch-Belgian border next to Maastricht, is the solo project of Jerome Scheren. After several years working in bars, being live bassist for German band Fil Bo Riva and writing his own music, Scherry is about to debut his hit project, which combines synthpop with ’00s indie rock.

“ Een van de leukste Nederlandse bands van het moment “