Friday 22 April 2022 2022

Yevgueni is in the top-15 of the best Belgian songs EVER with “Als ze lacht”, this says enough about this band of course. The band makes beautiful poetic fusions of cabaret, chanson and pop. The striking lyrics are written by frontman Klaas Delrue, who delivers them with a warm, subdued voice. The Flemish band will perform in PAARD on Friday 22 April 2022! 


Voor liefhebbers van Bart Peeters Belgian music Chanson pop
  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:00
  • 20:00

Finally! With their new club tour, Yevgueni brings the first full band shows for a full audience since September 2019. In other words: ”not just any performance”. And there’s more! Yevgueni has of course not been sitting still lately and will present their new album ”straks is ook goed” during this release tour.

Initially, corona, lockdowns, unemployment and other world disasters also caused frustration, uncertainty and doubt in the head of songwriter Klaas. But in no time also for inspiration. The new songs therefore contain something of this strange period, but each and every one of them has grown into timeless, universal stories about escapism, slowing down and love.

Yevgueni means a band that longs for the stage, a happy reunion with the audience and fresh versions of new songs, fresh off the press. Add to that some classics and forgotten gems and you get a surprising rollercoaster ride, including slowing moments uphill and steep descents at top speed. Time is everything, but an evening with Yevgueni becomes another evening of pure profit!

So it promises to be both a big postponed party and a gigantic starting signal for the new future! Do not miss it!


“ De kracht van Yevgueni ligt namelijk in het schijnbaar gemak waarmee ze de schoonheid van alledaagse gebeurtenissen en gedachten kunnen vatten met ingenieuze, soms grappige teksten en heerlijke popmelodieën. “