Thursday 5 December 2019


Together with Accept and Scorpions, TRANCE is seen as one of the pioneers for the German heavy metal scene of the seventies. After their past full of obstacles, the band was finally ready to record their comeback album. The album ‘Loser Strikes Back’ was a great success and lead to a Europe tour with U.D.O and Anvil among others. TRANCE is finally back where they belong and can be seen at festivals such as Headbangers Open Air and Metal Assault Festival and on December 5 at PAARD.

  • Kleine Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

After a stop of 16 years, TRANCE was reborn in 2011: with original co-founders Markus Berger on guitar and Thomas Klein on bass. Like most bands, TRANCE once started as a local band. After years of releasing demos and singles themselves, they received a Rockport Records record deal and recorded their first album ‘Break Out’. From that moment it went like a train for the band. They scored festival after festival and became number three largest heavy metal band in Germany.