Saturday 20 April 2019


After a very successful first edition, is the Metal Festival in The Hague back again. This year, the Grote zaal van Paard will be renamed a real metal dome where the bands play brutally, heavier and harder than ever, headbanging is an absolute must and moshpits can not be avoided. There is a lot waiting for you. Enter the hall at your own risk.

  • € 27,50
  • € 30,00
  • Beide Zalen
  • 13:45
  • 14:15

*incl € 2,50 servicefee

Betraying the Martyrs (FR)
Metalcore? Betraying the Martyrs!
This band from Paris released her last album ‘The Resilient’ which was characterized by bringing together
atmospheric melodies, powerful vocals and heavy riffs. The band opened Fortarock 2018 and played in
several Dutch venues this year. You can’t avoid this band anymore!

Anger Machine (NL)
The sound of the Dutch band Anger Machine is modern with a combination of groovingpieces with melodic and harmonic guitars. Besides songwriting, the band distinguishes itself by
the Metalcore vocals and the screaming guitar solos. This creates a catchy and distinctive sound.

Tortharry (CZ)
A good portion of old school death metal! The Czech band is mainly influenced by Cannibal Corpse
and Dying Fetus and you can hear that in their nine albums. After playing at Stonehenge,
they went into the studio again at the end of 2017. After that, the album ‘Sinister Species’ was released in
early 2018. A groovy album with strong bass guitar but still a very heavy.

Magnacult (NL)
Groove and death metal thrashers MagnaCult formed in 2005, bringing together a unique group of musicians from across the Netherlands.Their debut album Synoré, released in 2007, saw the birth of their signature groove and death metal. The band took their sound to the next level with their follow-up album Insua EnVenom. More brutal and technical than their 2007 debut, Insua EnVenom is faster and more crushing. With their third album, INFINITUM, MagnaCult have nailed their music style, shifting up a gear to an epic release packed with massive guitar solos and full of groove.

The men of Ingested can be called World Wide Slam Kings and they have been at the heart of the British metal scene for over ten years. The music has a strong vibe, full of chaos and cruelty. Super-fast hyperblast drums combined with epic guitar work and roaring vocals on the four released albums makes Ingested an overwhelming live band. “This is pure death metal-gold!”

The Belgians of the death metal band Carnation have been tipped by the experts for a while as an asset to the scene and in addition, they are on the list of best live peformances of Graspop 2017. With their pure old-school style, which goes back to the original metal sound, they certainly make a big impression.

Line-up: TBA