Saturday 28 November 2020


The Great Communicators is a band from The Hague and Amsterdam that makes refreshing indie with two frontpersons. The quintet that is formed around Arend Dijkstra and Linda van Leeuwen returned from a sabattical in 2019. In the prime of a succesfull rise the band had after releasing their first album ‘Lucky Horse’ the five musicians dissapeared, only to return stronger than ever. On November 28th the band plays the Grote Zaal .

  • Grote zaal met zitplaatsen
  • 20:45
  • 21:00

As a kind of restart The Great Communicators rose from the ashes of cultband Klopje Popje. The band that partially consists of musicians from The Hague which had some success round 2010. After changing their name into the current one, the debut was released. On this record Gaia Slotboom is still one of the main singers. After which she was replaced by Shawnee Erfmann and since some time Linda van Leeuwen is her substitute. Which is an asset to the fresh indiesound of The Great Communicators.

Safe concert visit in PAARD
We want to continue as much as possible of the current program in an adapted manner. We do this in the safest way possible and within government regulations. We hope that everyone will continue to do their very best with us to comply with the measures within and outside PAARD. For more information click here.

De band klinkt op het nieuwe werk wat compacter, groovier en dansbaarder dan voorheen.