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Indorock is Rock & Roll with specific characteristics. Musically technically it is played just a little differently in combination with a vibrant live show and stunts that are leading. All over the world it was the time of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley and many others. This Rock & Roll period was a big hype among the youth. With their single Mamma Daddy Twist, they spent 3 months in the charts in an era when rock bands were boycotted in all sorts of ways by the establishment. Due to the large representation of Indos/Indian boys in particular, the name “Indorock” came about. Partly due to ignorance of origins and background, the music was labeled Indorock by collectors in the 1970s-80s.

On December 22, both The Crazy Rockers and The Java Guitars will be at Horse!

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  • 18:30
  • 19:00


The Crazy Rockers is a no-nonsense band from The Hague, inspired by Rock & Roll from the United States. Founded in 1959, they are one of the oldest bands still playing. One of the few remaining bands from the Indorock period. As co-founders of Indorock, the group will exist 65 years in 2024. A milestone that would not exist without the full commitment and inspired dedication of bandleader/frontman Woody Brunings (85). Woody and his buddy Eddy Chatelin (80) are the only ones left in the original core of the band. Music is universal, and The Crazy Rockers were aware of that even then. Consequently, the band consisted of musicians from different backgrounds: Indian, Surinamese, Moluccan and Dutch. The music was appreciated by a wide audience. Today with more than 64 years of existence of the band, they are Still Going Strong still on stages.


Ben Poetiray, leader of the band THE JAVA GUITARS comes from a musical family. Pa Poetiray was a well-known musician in the former Dutch East Indies. The Poetiray brothers, consisting of Ruben, Stanley†, Lionel†, Ben, Wietje†, Jacky and Humphrey had an ambitious and strict teacher in their father. There was great discipline and practice makes perfect was the starting point. The current lineup of The Java Guitars consists of: Ben Poetiray (lead vocals, solo guitar), Ben Peea (bassist/vocals), Rob Kuyt (drums), Henry van Helvoirt (keyboards), Eduard Blok (lead vocals, guitar).

“ De invloed van de Indorock op de Nederpop is immens en onderschat. Die is écht heel groot! Het is gewoon de eerste echte opwindende grote Rock & Roll muziekstroming in Nederland “