Saturday 8 June 2019


The Bowie Collective is a 12 headed Rock ‘n Roll band that was born out of a massive love for, you can already guess, mister Bowie himself. When ‘Starman’ died in 2016, these men came together to make sure that Bowie’s work will live on. The purpose of this band is making sure that the audience can experience the feeling of a real Bowie concert, but mostly to remember, sing, dance and celebrate.

glamrockNew Waverock

*incl € 2,50 servicefee

By giving re-creating the Bowie songs and giving them a new life in this live-experience, they keep the ‘Strange Fasicination’ up. They try to capture every nuance and feeling the songs might have given you, together with the audience.

''You guys did it proud, EXCELLENT, Great to see the audience' reaction too !!''

– Rick Wakeman