Tuesday 21 December 2021



Starting out as a cover duo, Suzan & Freek have quickly grown into icons of Nederpop. Their first ‘own’ song ‘Als het avond is’ has become a classic and can be found on repeat in almost all Dutch-language playlists. With subsequent releases of singles and an album, hit after hit entered the path of the duo. The single ‘Blauwe Dag’ was even worthy of a top-5 rating in Belgium, and the debut album ‘Gedeeld Door Ons’ was awarded the Edison Popprijs. Now that they released ‘Goud’ last March, which has become a hit as well, they will be touring again this fall, visiting PAARD on December 21!

Tickets are available from May 31 at 10:00 AM.

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Although to many the career of Suzan & Freek seemingly started out of nowhere, they have been making progress for a long time. The two found each other at secondary school in the Achterhoek, where the love for music ended in love for each other. Music is primarily a hobby. Under the title “De Minuut” they posted videos on Facebook, in which their own versions of well-known hits are played. That is very successful and a fan base is created. The greatest strength appears to be the way in which Suzan & Freek keep songs recognizable, but in the meantime completely adapt them to their own style. Before they know it, they do a sold-out club tour as far as the Randstad and their star is rising, without having their own material.

Debut single Als Het Avond Is changes everything. The first “own” song slowly but surely settles in the hearts of the listeners, rises to the number 1 position in the Top 40 and is now a true Dutch pop classic. The song gets a place among the eight longest noted Dutch-language hits that have ever been in the Top 40. Successor “Blue Day” is also a huge hit and is good for a top 5 ranking in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

In September 2019, ‘Gedeeld Door Ons’, the debut album by Suzan & Freek, was released, which was be awarded the Edison Popprijs in the Dutch-speaking category in February 2020.

After the debut album, the singles Weg Van Jou and De Overkant with Snelle followed in 2020, an ode to the place where they all come from: the Achterhoek. In March 2021, Goud was released, with which Suzan & Freek reach the Top 40 for the seventh time and have become the Dutch duo that is most successful in the Dutch language in the Top 40.