Jan-Willem Bullee
Monday 8 April 2019


Robert Jan Stips, born and raised in The Hague is a keyboardist, composer, arranger and producer and comes to Paard with the Supersister Projekt. During the ’60s he was already active in the Hague subculture with the band with which he later in 1970, under the name Supersister, gained international and national fame.


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Supersister was born in the roaring sixties and became a local legend in the early 70s with their first single ‘She was Naked’, followed by four remarkable albums. From progressive rock, from jazz to pop.

Through Golden Earring, Sweet d’Buster, Transister, among others producing Gruppo Sportivo and a fruitful blinking light collaboration with Freek de Jonge, this artist climbs up on the Nederpop ladder. Around 40 years to this day, he has been successfully active at NITS, both nationally and internationally, for whom he wrote in 1992 the symphonic work ‘Hjuvi’ for pop group and the (RSO) orchestra. In 2018 he was NITS-active with an extensive domestic and European tour and a very successful collaboration with Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

In 2019 comes the release CD / LP ‘Retsis Repus’!