Saturday 23 September 2023 2023

Thankfully, we were able to find not one, but two replacements. Belgian duo Blackwave. and Rotterdam-based singer of Ghanaian descent Nana Fofie will take her place.
It’s in the air. Can you feel it? The euphoria of a new festival season. Bringing us to exciting news; new kid on the block SUPAFLY FESTIVAL is back + better! Transcending box-thinking and deeply rooted in neo-soul, R&B, hip-hop & jazz.  A musical color palette of trendsetters within the genre.

hiphop Jazz neo-soul R&B
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  • Festival
  • 18:00
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Upcoming acts.
Established names.
Line up:
  • blackwave.

    After a chance encounter gigging in Brussels, little did rapper Jay Atohoun and singer-producer Willem Ardui know that their brief exchange at the time would become the boundless, grooving expanse of blackwave. They were soon trading ideas online which culminated in their debut EP, 2017’s Mic Check. Their mix of rap and live music turned out to be a success, and their long-awaited first studio album ARE WE STILL DREAMING?, which features YellowStraps, K1D, and Benny Sings, among others, was released in 2019. A year later, the duo decided to travel to Los Angeles. During their 20-day trip to the American west coast they wrote and worked on new music with renewed passion, inspiration and vision, returning to Belgium with about thirty demos in their pocket. With 11 of these American tracks, they created a second album, no sleep in LA, which came out in 2022.

  • Nana Fofie

    Nana Fofie is a 27-year-old singer-songwriter of Ghanaian descent who has been exploring her musical talent from early childhood, taking it to the world in 2017 by releasing covers on YouTube. Since then, she has had major career success, opening for Nicki Minaj alongside Juice World for the Nicki World Tour and accumulating millions of views across YouTube and millions of plays on Spotify. Popularly known and admired for her creativity and strong ties in the Ghanaian music scene, her loyal fanbase NaNation pans across the world with 500.000 monthly listeners. This Rotterdam based singer has established herself as one of the few female ‘Afro-European’ artists and we expect her to make even more major strides in the industry as she continues to make authentic music that speaks to the heart of many.

  • James Vickery

    The face of UK R&B

    James Vickery, the new face of UK R&B, gained global attention with his viral COLORS session, amassing 32M views. His independent EP “Sheet Music” solidified his rising star status, showcasing exceptional musical prowess and resonating with fans and critics. The success propelled him to a sold-out US/CA tour, defying obstacles despite being deaf in one ear. Renowned for captivating live performances, his “Live From London” series offers an immersive experience. Headlining prestigious venues worldwide, Vickery wows audiences with his exceptional vocals and magnetic stage presence.

  • Full Crate & Band

    Always ahead of the curve

    Raised by his Armenian parents and moving to the Netherlands at the young age of 13, Dutch / Armenian Full Crate was exposed to different cultures from the beginning and knows how to work for his success. Over the last years Full Crate has been a major force in the uprising of underground music, developing his production, writing and live show level in the process. The multi-talented Full Crate has released a string of songs that proved him to always be ahead of the curve.

  • Maydien

    Brings a fresh new hybrid sound

    Maydien is a Dutch vocalist who combines the styles hiphop, neo soul and future beats into a fresh new hybrid. He opened up for Jay Z, Frank Ocean, Anderson .Paak and more and just joined the roster of French label Roche Musique.

  • Hatoon

    Sculpting a new sound of Jazz, Neo-Soul and Alternative R&B

    Independent Sudanese-Dutch artist, Hatoon brings a warm & refreshing live performance. She is strongly influenced by contemporary artists like Nai Palm, Cleo Sol and Erykah Badu, sculpting a new sound of Jazz, Neo-Soul and Alternative R&B.