Friday 16 June 2017

Steen & EZG

Self-proclaimed ‘white trash rapper’ Steen, called his debut album from 2008 Muziek Voor Je Moeder (Music For Your Mother). A peculiar title for an album about death, disease, sex and alcohol. Nine years after this release, Steen became a father, a new theme is his work.

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On his fourth and most recent album, Steen combines dark beats with his daily frustrations: lack of sleep, arrangements concerning parental access and finding a job. On his latest EP Bicycle Chain Steen collaborated with EZG. The Dutch rapper with a passion for football had an instant YouTube hit with his video ‘Rellen in de hel’. His debut album ‘Weekend Overtreder’ full of ‘hooligan rap’ discusses alcohol, drugs, violence and… the Dutch football culture.