Friday 15 December 2023


Her single Midnight paves the path that Sophia Kruithof has mapped out for herself: the young singer with that beautifully clear voice wants to conquer the world with her English-language pop-meets-singer-songwriter songs. When the singer was allowed to take a look at the studio of producer Arno Krabman (Miss Montreal, Snelle, Roxeanne Hazes) for her twelfth birthday, there was no turning back. The two kept in touch, Sophia taught herself how to write and record songs at home, and regularly forwarded the result. The first fruitful result of their collaboration was Alaska, the original song that the whole of the Netherlands heard in 2020 in the final of The Voice of Holland, which she won at the age of 17. Sophia will be in PAARD on December 15th!

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Other colleagues also lend her a hand every now and then: Danny Vera was so fond of her song Perfume that he played it on Radio Veronica; it led to a performance during the Veronica Express and that in turn to Matthijs Draait Door. There, radio jock Rob Stenders praised her song Midnight, which was immediately added to various playlists after its release in February 2023. Sophia writes many new songs together with guitarist Arthur Stoker and keyboardist Luuk van Kesteren, both part of her band. Not only for themselves, but also for others: from Nicky Romero and Bibi Breijman to Children for Children. Sophia provides support for Roxeanne Hazes and Blackbird, jams and writes with Judy Blank. “There’s a lot to come,” she says enthusiastically. “I feel like I’ve only just started and that there’s finally a plan behind it. And I can’t wait for every next phase.” She has a clear vision of her ambition: “From now on I want to be able to make a living from music. Playing cool festivals, filling large halls, especially a lot of live performances. And then go to work internationally, write for big names and win a Grammy one day. Enough to do!”

Support: Mellie
Meet Mellie, a dynamic and talented singer/songwriter whose passion for music began at a young age. In the basement of her family’s home, Mellie built a studio where she taught herself to produce and sing. Mellie is ready to take the world by storm with her new song “Chills”, which is the ultimate ‘after summer’ track. With a voice that soars and a style that is all her own, Mellie is a force to be reckoned within the music industry.