Tuesday 18 September 2018


The Visual

Sam Fender. When you listen to him once it might reveal influences of The Killers, Jeff Buckley and Ben Howard (same manager!), but Sam Fender is the voice of this generation. The BBC already gave him the honorable title ‘Sound of 2018’. With this title in his pocket he quickly grew out of the local pubs in Newcastle. He scored a 3FM megahit and the Dutch audiance fell in love with him because of the catchy songs like ‘Play God’ (1.5 million Spotify plays) and ‘Friday Fighting’.


Klinkt als Jeff Buckley, The Killers, Ben Howard, HozierLaatste kaarten

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The singer sings topical themes such as gender, Big Brother surveillance (“no matter who you are or where you are, he is watching from the screen”) and the role of the media and is thus renamed as the “British Bob Dylan”. He is only 22 years old, this young North Englishman: we predict that he is going to be very big.

Support act: The Visual
The Visual is an Amsterdam-based outfit formed by songwriter Anna van Rij, keyboard player Timon Persoon and drummer Jochem van Rooijen. Utilizing lush atmospherics, intricate melodic currents and dissonance, Van Rij’s voice stands front and center as a nurturing, seductive, forlorn and longing presence, fluidly veering between these moods on the slightest whim. The Visual explores themes of identity, gender binaries and relationships from an inbred vantage point, leveling preconceived human notions to an overarching and elemental musical force.

"Zo krijgt hij zelfs de meest verveelde industrietypes die aan de bar aan het netwerken zijn muisstil".