Sunday 10 June 2018


In the run-up to our 50-year anniversary in 2022, Paard chooses 50 iconic artists, out of the complete program, that we see as ‘Heroes’. With this label we put artists that have played an important role in pop history in the spotlights, and place them in music-historical perspective. Read the bizarre trivia, the anecdotes, the personal stories and why especially these artists plays in The Hague.

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We all (or at least the most of us) know which path John Lydon walked – as the singer of punk band The Sex Pistols, he was a founder of the English punk movement. Hard and confronting, with guitars on fire and a focus on passion and anger, what was more important than technic. Because that’s Johnny Rotten’s band, later called John Lydon, together with Keith Levene (ex-The Clash) founded after the break-up of The Sex Pistols. Postpunk at its best, that’s how we call it.

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In his own words, this is the band that has stolen his heart: on stage the Brit snores, amazingly credible, from his toes. Public Image Ltd might bring a more introvert, more personal and perhaps less raw sound, but still with that almost bullying punk tone John is kicking against the world with. Eventually it turns out to be one of the most influential and controversial bands ever, with classic albums as Public Image and Metal Box as heritage and ‘This Is Not A Lovesong’ and ‘Rise’ as most well-known hits.

The success formula of deep bass, tight drums and disrupted singing was extremely experimental back in the days, but is still convincing.

May the road rise with you!

At the heart of it all is Lydon’s vocal, as sharp and efficient as a can opener, still a spine-shivering delight to hear performing live.

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