Unique PAARD show in a 360° setting

Thursday 5 September 2024

On Thursday, September 5, 2024, Prins S. en de Geit will perform a special 360° show. PAARD360° is the hidden gem of the Great Hall. Architect Rem Koolhaas designed a modular concert hall. The balconies in the Great Hall are therefore extendable. By placing the stage in the middle of the hall, a unique setting is created. An arena where artists are the focal point, surrounded by the balconies. Intimate, unique, exciting. During these concerts and club nights, the audience stands 360° around the stage! A completely new experience of our iconic hall.

PAARD360°: Takes place the first weekend of September.

360 logo zwart

sold out
  • Grote Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:30

The second studio album from Prince S. en de Geit Partijtje, is a dark party album. While on their first album, Rood Staan Hard Gaan, they tried to dance away their personal troubles, the trio now focuses on the big world around them in their own way. They have not lost faith in partying as a remedy, but the crumbling of that world is becoming increasingly unavoidable. Nevertheless, they try to retain their youthful freedom in an increasingly cynical world. This inspired them for this new concept album: the world as a party. On this album, they take you through that party.