Wednesday 28 April 2021 8374

POPRONDE: Livestream

On Wednesday 28 April you can enjoy a free livestream from PAARD from your living room with no less than six Popronde acts! We have reserved not one, but two PAARD halls for the best bands and acts!
So get something to drink and put your snacks on the table, because it will be a big online party with music from all angles in terms of genres! This evening you can enjoy music from Zoë Low, XIO, VULVA, HALCYON, KLAPLONG and KUZKO.

  • Online livestream (vanuit PAARD)
  • 20:45
  • 21:00

Popronde is a nationally traveling festival that normally takes place every autumn from September to November in some 40 cities throughout the country. From metal to hip hop, from singer-songwriters to drum ‘n bass, from rock to blues, almost every genre is represented. Usually, approximately 140 bands are selected annually from the approximately 1300 registrations. The Popronde is a showcase festival and certainly does not contain a competition element!

But of course we do things a little differently this year. Nevertheless it is going to be a big online party and who knows, you might discover your new favorite artist / band, an opportunity you don’t want to miss! Keep an eye on Popronde Den Haag’s Facebook and website for more information.

Zoë Low, in her new home she has recorded a number of songs that are about her life, her (failed) relationships and what to do next. She often gets her inspiration from the film Pulp Fiction, the director Tom Ford and what happens in the city during an evening of drinking.

XIO, his music brings a danceable mix of styles with R&B and Pop. On stage you can expecpt nothing but catchy hooks and hard beats from his band.

VULVA, a duo from Rotterdam who, with their loud and raw combo of bass, drums, some screams and screams, make you think and move.

HALCYON, is the project of Sergio Roberts, born from an idyllic bay with snow-white sand and azure blue sea on the sun-drenched Caribbean island of Antigua. His music is a mix of melancholic electronic indie R&B with a nod to 80s synth-pop.

KLAPLONG, five young hyenas from Beverwijk with hard garage punk and notorious live performances. Energy.

KUZKO, the Rotterdam synth-pop duo KUZKO can’t wait to take you on an epic journey through their playful indie songs. The duo tells their stories of high school drama and cliché love affairs through 80’s synth hooks and catchy vocal melodies.