Paardcafé: LIEN albumrelease

Saturday 27 January 2024 2024

Cabaret Nederpop formation from The Hague. Acoustic intertwined with electro.

On Saturday, January 27, 2024, they will present their third album ‘That color suits you’ at Paardcafé. They bring pop to the theater and cabaret to music venues. LIEN plays with language and emotion. Where things are tight, something can be achieved.

They previously released the albums ‘This is not about anything’ (2021) and ‘Lief Zonder Reason’ (2022). You can also find LIEN in theaters with the musical cabaret performance ‘Lief without reason’ in which discomfort, shame and pleasure seep through her light-hearted existence.

On stage, LIEN consists of Lien Cornelissen on vocals and piano, Dylan Siemerink on drums and guitar and Barend Spaan on bass guitar. Over the past year they have produced a lot of new music and released a single every month. Frameless, as they say themselves. Yet their signature is clearly audible. They feel at home in the theater and with puppetry and the intersection between the two. And you can hear that dynamic in what they make. Moved by the sensitive ‘Zonnestraal’, then singing along to ‘Het Vulvallied’ suddenly becomes very obvious again.

Experience it all live during the release of their third album ‘That color suits you’!

cabaret electro
  • Café
  • 20:00
  • 20:30