Friday 21 October 2022


In Ocotber 2022 PAARD celebrates it’s 50th birthday and we commemorate this with a spectacular week full of festivities: PAARD50. From Friday the 21st of October till Sunday the 30th of October we celebrate PAARD of the past, PAARD of the future, but most importantly PAARD NOW. We will take you on a journey through festivals, club nights, collaborations with old friends and new adventures. In our former smoking area we’ve built a videobooth to collect your PAARD-stories. We’re also looking for 50 pictures, one for each year of the PAARD history. These will be part of an exhibition in the tram tunnel in October.

More names, program and information will follow soon! Check our social media and website  for updates.

  • Paard (Grote Zaal, Kleine Zaal, Paardcafé, Foyer)
  • 17:00
  • 17:00
  • 23:00
Tramtunnel Exposition: PAARD50

During the week full of festivities in October, we celebrate PAARD now, but also PAARD from the past. Together with her visitors, PAARD changes inevitably with the spirit of the times. The free 70s, the rough 80s and the hopeful 90s were also present in PAARD. During PAARD50 we look back at the fashiontrends, music and style of the PAARD visitiors who have passed in the last 50 years with a photo exhibition in the Tramtunnel. And for that we need your help!

In collaboration with the Municipal Archives of The Hague, we are looking for photos taken by PAARD visitors and employees. One for each year, so 50 pictures in total. Photos that portray the people, music and fashion of the past fifty years. The 50 photos will be exhibited in the tram tunnel in October and will eventually be added to the official Hague municipal archives, thus becoming part of The Hague’s pop history. So share your PAARD photo from the past with The Hague of today!

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PAARD50 Videobooth
What makes PAARD…PAARD? You do! For 50 years, the ambience of PAARD has been determined by the people who visit us. During these 50 years we’ve have experienced unforgettable concerts, love has arisen, friendships have been celebrated and people have danced hard to the music that mattered at the time. Did your life change in PAARD or do you just have a funny anecdote? Record a video in the PAARD50 videobooth and tell your story!
You will find the PAARD50 videobooth in the former smoking-area for the rest of the year. So follow the red carpet, take place in the booth, press the red button and burst forth with your PAARD story!
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