Saturday 6 April 2019

ORANGE GROVE Album release show

Mr. Ray Bass

Orange Grove has the same ‘feel good vibe’ that reminds you of bands like Splendid. The summery mix of reggae, ska, rap and rock, combined with the raw voice of Michael Maidwell, makes Orange Grove a band with a nice edge. They are about to release their long-awaited album ‘Ganja Rock’. An album that will sounds completely different from their debut album ‘Genuine Origins’. Since this first album, the boys have made many musical meters during live shows and have undergone considerable changes by joining the band members and producers Tim Kesteloo on the guitar and Robert Bieseweg on the drums in 2011. And at that time there have also been interesting collaborations with: Major Lazer, Brainpower and King Yellowman.

Klinkt als Splendid en Chef's Special

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Orange Grove was founded by the two best friends Michael Maidwell and Jacob Streefkerk, after leaving the Caribbean paradise Sint Maarten, on their way to the Netherlands. The band name is named after an area of ​​their home island. First songs were written, demos were recorded and gigs started in small bars and clubs. The new album will soon be released with full pride, the lead singer says: “This feels like the album that had to lead all those years of experience.” It feels like our gift to the fans who have followed and supported us for years. “

"The Orange Grove sound is a musical melting pot of cross-ocean influences combining the sounds of Reggae music with zouk, ska, rap and rock, complimented by lead-singer Michael Maidwell's rough yet tough voice."