Friday 18 June 2021


The main language of this event will be Dutch.

The Hague is known as a rock and pop music city, but does not have any pop culture or pop education. That is why CultuurSchakel and pop stage PAARD are organizing these Meet The Urban Pros (MTUP), to focus more on music and creative education.

Everyone knows: KNOWLEDGE = POWER. Applying your theoretical knowledge in the music industry should ensure that you progress in practice. Is that also the case when you follow a music course as a rapper? Or are social media platforms and music streaming services such as Instagram, TikTok, Spotify or YouTube enough to build and maintain your professional music career?

CultuurSchakel and pop stage PAARD are organizing Meet The Urban Pros for the 9th time on June 18, 2021 about the benefits or false promises of following a music and dance training at MBO and HBO level.

In principle, there is no existing training for the profession of a rapper. The rapper develops himself by working and writing a lot on his/her own music, both while making the music itself and during performances. It is possible that the rapper is training at a general pop academy. In addition to pop history, you also learn about entrepreneurship, music rights, performance experience, learn to collaborate with others and expand your network. In practice, you largely see that part of the hip-hop and urban scene of musical makers in particular eventually or hopefully achieve their goal through hustling and trial and error. And there is also a part that finds its way through well-known music schools such as the Rock Academy in Tilburg, the Herman Brood Academy in Utrecht or the Albeda College in Rotterdam.

Are you a break dancer, dancer, content creator or online programmer? Then there are also training opportunities for you from dance and the creative sector.

  • Online livestream (vanuit PAARD)
  • 18:30
  • 19:00


The program consists of panel discussions with Raymond den Uijl on behalf of Creative College, Hip-Hop Dance (Breaking) in Utrecht and Pax head of the Rap section at the Rock Academy in Tilburg. They answer all your questions, together with local artists and students:

  • Second year student of Rap, Fernando Ruiz de la Torre, better known as RDLT of the Rock Academy
  • Third year student (graduation year) Julian Michael Broman, better known as Jetpack Juulz at the Herman Brood Academy in Utrecht
  • Ian Crawford, from September 2021 Music Business course at the SAE Institute in Amsterdam

Why are you going to study music or dance? What is the advantage of following a music or dance training as a rapper, singer, producer or dancer? What do you have to leave behind? And what about the costs and conditions? The possibilities will be discussed in detail this evening.

This network meeting is interesting for future professionals, such as electronic music producers, drummers, bassists, keyboardists, guitarists, rappers, songwriters, vocalists, multidisciplinary musicians. And breakers, dancers who want to develop further within the dance styles: Hip-hop/freestyle dancers, Locking, Popping, House, Waacking, Vogueing and Krump.


6.30 pm Walk-in
19.00 Introduction speakers and general explanation
19.10 1st Panel: Rapping and breaking, on the street or in the school?

7:55 pm 2nd Panel: Benefits versus expectations of following a music education!

8.40 pm Closing


After each panel you can ask your questions to the speakers.