Saturday 6 March 2021


Think of Spanish-language world music, wind instruments and exciting rhythms, which will put a smile on your face in no time and make you move like an accomplished dancer! The exotic company Mamihlapinatapai, consisting of nine musicians who started out as street musicians in our Hofstad. On March 6th 2021 it is time for a new chapter, the band will play their latest record in PAARD.

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The group was founded by childhood friends Luciano Varela (bass guitar) and Fernan Mejuto (keys), who both grew up in the Spanish region of Galicia and were inspired by bands such as Manu Chao, Che Sudaka and La Troba Kung-Fú. Together they studied Jazz at the conservatory in The Hague, where a close-knit group of various musicians arose. Debut album Camino del Sol saw the light of day at the beginning of 2017, after which the great adventure along the many festival meadows began. From MadNes and Oerol, to Zwarte Cross, Wildeburg, and Into The Woods, Parkpop, and many international festivals.

In 2019 the Mamih’s decided to slow down to be able to fully work on the second album. The band shuttled back and forth between seven different studios in the Netherlands and Spain to find the perfect conditions for the album. The result is a new album that is more mature, political and philosophical than the debut. MAGHíA shows a sarcastic and raw image of our current reality.

We omschrijven het als wereldmuziek. We halen onze inspiratie van over de hele wereld, we proberen van mensen zelf nieuwe muziekstijlen te leren. We proberen alles te leren en dan te mixen.