Saturday 17 October 2020


Due to the Coronavirus measures, this show has been moved from to october 17th 2020. Tickets already purchased remain valid. Read more here:


Imagine Spanish sung world music, brass-sounds and enervating rhythms that put a smile on your face and make you move like a skilled dancer! The exotic company of Mamihlapinatapai, which consists of nine musicians whom started as street artists in this very city. The 17th of october 2020 it is time for a new chapter in PAARD, with new songs and their latest record MAGHíA .

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Early 2017 the band released their first album: Camino Del Sol. With a lot of energy, joy and vitality the band took of on an  adventure. Many highlights were achieved with shows on Oerol, Zwarte Cross, Parkpop and a Spanish tour. Late 2019 the nine musicians released the first single Plántico, a serious but danceable song which gave high hopes for Maghía. That album got released March 13th, and is a danceable and sarcastic testament to our current reality.


We omschrijven het als wereldmuziek. We halen onze inspiratie van over de hele wereld, we proberen van mensen zelf nieuwe muziekstijlen te leren. We proberen alles te leren en dan te mixen.