Thursday 1 February 2024 2024

Lijpe has undoubtedly earned a place among the most legendary rappers in the Dutch hip-hop scene. Since 2015, it has been impossible to exclude him out of this category. Raised in Maarssen, a small village next to Utrecht, Lijpe started writing rap songs and making music videos with his friends as a teenager. This proved to be a good outlet for the daily struggles of street life. In 2015, together with the hip-hop collective New Wave, Lijpe released the most streamed album of that year. With his powerful and confident voice, and with lyrics full of emotion, he manages to grab and hold the audience’s attention in no time. This hip-hop ‘heavyweight’ will be in our Grote Zaal on February 1, 2024.

  • €31,50 *
  • Grote Zaal
  • 19:30
  • 20:00

With a Meet & Greet ticket you will meet Lijpe and there will be time to take a picture with him, in addition you will have access to the show, so your entrance ticket is included in the price. You can find Meet & Greet tickets in the ticket shop to the right. Get them while they last!

In 2015, Lijpe released his first songs, such as ‘Waar Ik Morgen Ben’ and ‘Ogen In Je Rug’. This brought rapper Lijpe to the attention of record label Top Notch for the first time. That same year, he was invited by Top Notch to a writers’ camp together with a group of other beginning artists and producers. This group included artists such as Ronnie Flex, Jonna Fraser and Frenna. Together they formed the hip-hop collective New Wave, a new generation of Dutch hip-hop. New Wave managed to create a full album within ten days, which later became the most streamed album of 2015. This album has had a significant influence on the current Dutch hip-hop scene. Tracks Lijpe collaborated on include “Dikke Gun,” “Changed” and the platinum track “Falling In The Club.

In 2018, Lijpe entered the top 100 with five solo projects, making him the first Dutch artist to ever achieve this. In 2022, Lijpe won the Edison Pop Award in the ‘HipHop’ category. With his inspiring lyrics, consistency, modesty and tremendously strong work ethic, Lijpe is an example for many and for this reason he is at the top of the Dutch hip-hop scene.